Server duying again

Asta pre loading screen there is a black screen with a blue rotating orb. 4-5 mins on that black screen. Was today at 15 and now again.


Sounds like your computer is possessed by Yoho.


None of our guild members are able to get into the game right now. At least 10 people are stuck in the lobby or pre-loading screen.



:no_entry: no server toucherino on weekends! :no_entry:

boo amazon, bad!

You got me there LOL :joy:

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It’s tough. This is the 3rd time in 11 days that Asta is literally burning.

Now do we petition Amazon to do something and risk a 12 hour+ emergency maint or do we just sit it out every time. :thinking:

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Server is dying, but “store is back” :DD I’m dying literally

@Roxx can we send this to the team please 2nd time it happend today on asta and maybe more servers in EUC

Thanks – want to confirm that the team is aware of these issues, investigation has indeed shown they are specifically occurring on Asta as all of your reports have shown.

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Issue is just starting to happen again.
2-4 minutes of loading time.
Asta Server.


this sucks, whats with the server and why just asta this time

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im also in a 10 min blackscreen right now after wanted to switch characters

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i tired to go into my stronghold big mistake xD

Apparently it’s always Asta i feel like :roll_eyes:

It feels like those issues only appear after an adventure island. Last week this issue appeared after 12:30 Medeia. Yesterday after 19:00 Adventure Island. Today after 13:00 Adventure Island.


@Roxx Again happening… Time for an official statement and an explanation?

Here we go again as Fabrizio Romano would say. Today again after an Adventure Island.

sadly nothing like that will come. All they will ever say is that they know about the issue. If you read the teams responses so far you will see that they never say they are working on a fix (only that they are aware).
It’s also blatantly obvious what is causing the issue.

And again its so nice! You can do alot of stuff untill the loading screen is over!