Server error NA WEST

Anyone else getting disconnected from the server on NA West?

Yessss… heaps of times.

They left this message over 40 minutes ago…
North America West Server Hotfix - 4/10 at 2 AM PT.

There are posts all about this in the ‘Game Support’ and Bugs section…
Don’t know when things will be fixed.

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Server downtime at 2AM or something id suggest going to sleep and waiting till then.

Not me… Im in the OCE… lol

But it is time to cook the evening meal.


Yes it’s constantly been happening since about 2~3 days ago.

And it’s happened again.

And I’m not even gonna log back in for another 15min or so or else it will say ‘double login attempt’ or some bs like that and kick me out of the login screen.

This is such a clown show. :clown_face: :clown_face: :clown_face:

Yes, in fact I can’t get into the game at the moment. I’ve been kicked out 3 times in the past hour. It is very frustrating!

Please see the following! We’ll be addressing this shortly: North America West Server Hotfix - 4/10 at 2 AM PT


what ru gonna cook

I’m glad my server has had no issues. Enviska gang

Thanks guys! Now it’s byebye all servers ;(

Baked vegetable Medley and grilled Rump Steak…

And it was goooooood…

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