Server Identification with Amazon

Sorry for the new topic as I skimmed over a post that was similar in another thread but I couldn’t find it again.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox is there any way we could get which Amazon server cluster that each of the currently planned servers is connecting to? I am specifically looking at NA East, but I’m sure all of the regions would appreciate it who have multiple points of access.

The reasoning is that it is a big factor when trying to decide which server to be on with our guilds. If you have large parts of your guild in a certain part of the country it will factor in deciding which server you’d want to go to to keep as many people happy as possible with their latency. It may be a little thing but it would mean a lot for those of us who are trying to find the right place to land since there are multiple factors we are looking at like, how large the population is, are there streamers and such going to ruin the experience for others, is it the unofficial type of server, and so on.

After New World, this would go a long way to show that you actually care about our server experience, which was horrible (for most of us) in the past.


Yes. I’m in California but folks I often play with are east coast. Being able to find a NA mid west server to play on would be great. That would allow a compromise for latency between those on both coasts. Currently no way to determine where servers are physically located.

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Bumping. Since there are some question threads about this popping up and they are all the same question basically.

@Roxx could we get an answer here even if it’s “no” or “will have to pass it up the chain”? With the weekend drowning out topics I want to make sure you saw this one, thank you.

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