Server is dead and it's restricting me from rewards

So, I’ve noticed that my server’s been dying but I’ve been ignoring it since it wasn’t effecting me to to much until today. Today, I have a day off and was able to get to the 11 am Harmony Island. I get there as soon as the island pops up. Now I enter the island, run over to the event where you water the plants. I am the only soul on that island. No other players. I try and do the event and y’know I just don’t think its possible for my mayhem berserker to bring 80 water to those plants in 10 mins. That’s 8 water a minute. It’s not possible. So am I really restricted from getting the song and island soul, or even more content, because my server is dead and there’s nothing I can do about it?

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I apologize you’re having this experience trying to complete the quest in single player.

Since this three cooperative quest will involve you and other players , I will highly suggest you to Join a Guild , or search more players on the global chat to try to complete it too.

You also explained the server is not a high population server.
Unfortunately we don’t have server transfers yet , so we can’t transfer you to a more populated server where you can find more players.
I truly apologize that this is restricting you to get the Song and Island Soul.

Please send your comments and thoughts on our feedback section, in addition I will move this thread to the Game Feedback section.
This will be checked by our specialized team opinions like yours help us improve our products and the quality of service we offer our customers.

If you have more questions please let us know.
Thank you for your patience.

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Y’know that’s a great idea. I’ll bring my shovel to dig up the players who haven’t been on since NA launch and we can start a guild. Thanks!

The solution is server merges, but AGS wants to keep face
What can you do =w=

I think yesterday was that Harmony Island was a silver island and everybody will do card or sea coin island instead or gold if that’s an option.

Please really work on region merge because it’s necessary. game is not meant to be played with few people due to the insane amount of rng present, so the lack of items in the market and the lack of people due to the costant need of matchmaking, does affect the experience a lot, even side content is affected, but these 2 aspects are basically the core of the game and you can’t ignore it, after all, if there is this situation it’s certainly not players fault. We need region merge as soon as possible, don’t let us in EUW or other underpopulated regions alone, thanks.