Server is down can't help it so let's talk compensation

Obviously, unseen launch issues suck big time.
They suck for the players who got up early to be first in line, the suck for the head start players who have lost almost an entire day of their head start now, but wishing it would be better doesn’t change the situation.

So what fixes or makes it better? How AGS handles this postfix. Extended server maintenance here or there isn’t such a big deal to get up in arms about. But closing in on 8hours of downtime on a Friday when people have ongoing time pressures like playable hours they get in a day, crystalline aura duration, stronghold upgrades, life energy…the list goes on it becomes a bigger issue.

I hope that AGS fixes whatever bug they created that led to this, but that they also respect their players’ time, and properly compensate them for the time out of the game. Crystals to get life energy/stronghold boosts, extension on crystalline aura, surely they will be able to think of something other than an “oppies”.

I’m not here trying to gather pitchforks and torches, just trying to put out a friendly reminder that a bit of honey can go a long way. Hope to see everyone in-game soon!


demanding compensation for a F2P game… tell you what… well knock 50% off the price of the game.