Server Issues During Argos

Today while running the current pinnacle content in the game (P3 Argos) my friends and a couple others to fill the group experienced some of the server crashes like many other players. It just so happened to occur to only three of us at the same exact time just as we were finishing the fight. When I logged back in there were no rewards as usually you receive them after the final blow. The bonus chest was there, however you couldn’t select it. Like most players it showed lockout at that point. I understand there are complications in games. I get that there are posts and what not saying that if the crash is confirmed that a re-entry ticket is issued. However I think that in the case of having the content already being completed and being shown a screenshot of my character on the MVP screen shows that I was a part of that. I don’t think it’s fair to that player to have to go back and try to potentially finish the content after it’s been finished. I’m not asking to be given any extra compensation. I’m only asking for the rewards that were rightfully earned. Thanks for taking the time to read my rant and GLHF

Update: After opening a ticket to get an answer I am still waiting. It has been over 72 hours and nothing. Not even a re-entry ticket. Pretty ridiculous

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