Server issues? fix when?

3-4 dc every time we get to m4… this is getting really old

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I know! I was just in a Boss Rush wave 15 and I dc’d so I didn’t get Credit. NOT ONLY that this i the second DC in a half hour I had. What is going on?

dc’d 4 times in 1 chaos dungeon LOL this game is a joke

This is the normal now i’m afraid to say.
When something has been going on for 3+ months it has to be the intended design.

the fact that 3+ months in and they keep claiming they don’t know whats causing it is a joke
they need to start ripping shit out until its fixes it
start with EAC and i’d guess the issue would instantly disappear.

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The DCs are entirely unacceptable today.

5 times in less than 3 hours.

We had a drumbeat where 100% of the people in it got DCed, came back, and we ALL lost the island.

Who the hell is working on this? We need a daily progress report from a developer, not a CM.

Its time for the DEV TEAM to give us status repots.

This wasn’t this bad last week or the week before. There’s clearly something happening that is making it this bad today. The game is literally and not exaggerating, unplayable right now. Not going to speculate and say this is the norm, because its not, a dc here and there sure… That is the norm but what is going on right now is not.

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it’s been this bad for months
it is what it is
you see it as being worse this week but other won’t be having issue today but last week it would have been a shit show

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