Server Item transfer


I screwed up unfortunately and I started on Azena, I opened up most of my Platinium loot boxes, all my buddies are on Avesta.

I thought the roster storage would be a way that I could get most of my items back, aside from maybe the mount, skin, and cat… Alas nothing…

Is there any way I can get my items back on Avesta or am I SOL?


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Hello @Majorharper Welcome to the Forums!

Hope you’re doing well, as of right now its not possible to transfer the items, I reported this already because I have seen this problem happen to other people, but for the time being the items are linked to the character on the Azena server.

Hope you enjoy the early access!

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Hi thanks for the quick reply!

Will I eventually be able to unlink the mount and cat?

No, everything will stay linked to that character :frowning:, again if I get any news on this I will let you know.

Hey @Majorharper, 2 things I missed just to give you all info, the items are transferable for character on the same server also like it says on this post: Openned my founder pack on the wrong character if you want there is also the option of another founder’s pack, this would let you claim it on another server, keep in mind you can only redeem 1 pack of each tier per account.

Hope you have a great day! :sheep:

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Thanks again for the clarifications!

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Same thing happened to me. It’s kind of a UI bug that sends you to a different server even when you have selected the original server you wanted to get in. I even recorded a video of this UI bug that causes this.

Without knowing I was in a wrong server (cause its not clear anywhere), I redeemed my platinum loots. They also dont let you buy a second platinum loot for my actual server which is a huge inconvenience. It ruined the whole experience for me.

I highly believe support should fix this inconvenience as it was a 99$ purchase

Hey there everyone, I wish you are having an amazing week.

@HalfGandalf I do recommend you to reach us via a live channel whenever you are available Contact Us | Amazon Games so we can report this possible bug to our devs (feel free to refer them to this post).

As an alternative, you can report it in the “Bug section” in the forums. Bugs and Localization Feedback - Lost Ark Forums

I want to thank you for your understanding and I do apologize for any inconveniences.

See you guys is Arkesia!


Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve already reached twice and all they say is ‘‘devs say its not possible to transfer characters or items to a different server’’ which is a shame because this wasn’t even my fault. I’ve created a 3rd ticket but I doubt the outcome will be different. Basically the technical support team doesn’t have this capability to deal with this issue.