Server Kazeros is toxic as hell

How long will take to Amazon put people that speaks portuguese to see all the chat offensive and abusive language we get all the time in South America Kazeros?

Every day there are countless people using the chat with sexual abusive worlds, calling people names and also swearing the most horrible words in portuguese.

It’s not normal that kind of behavior in my country on social events, so there are a lot of sick people infesting the chat.

Everyday people asking for sex, for married woman and other nasty stuff in our chat. And nothing happens with them!

Is this normal in others servers or just in Brazil Kazeros???

The kind of stuff I have to hear just because I have a Cerberus and a Omen set:

How can abusive language and words in Portuguese be not censored on our chat? I can’t say kkkkk but i can read all kind of horrible things in portuguese.

What’s up with the limit to block players anyway???

Where are the Brazilian mods???


To tendo sorte de ainda não ter visto nem sofrido esses tipos de abusos de players tóxicos. Mas no geral imaginei que uma hora ou outra isso ia começar a acontecer.

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the only advice i can give at the moment is report them and send a web ticket on this glaring censor problem.


I report Kazeros players non stop, they are incredibly toxic in their majority you get from matchmaking, cant even imagine being on the server itself, would probably quit the server

I played in Agaton until I went to NA (Now they killed the VPNs so I don’t think I will play LA anymore). People from Kazeros are REALLY toxic, and I mean REALLY toxic. Just die once and they will flame tf out of you in portuguese. Lucky I don’t really understand what they’re saying, but man. I reported a bunch and I don’t think they did nothing to them.

Just got out of a Yoho raid where a Kazeros players intentionally killed my friend that was transformed in a fox and when i asked for the reason he started swearing at me. The other Kazeros player on the team was complaining i stopped to ask what the hell was happening and started bragging he was mvp when he’s 1400 4x3 lol They are toxic and seems to have very little ego that needs any kind of boosting

You playing in a BR server and not getting constant ajajajajajaj or huehuehuehuehue spam Evey 3 seconds?

That usually FAR more annoying than the cuss words

So because i live in Brazil i can’t complain because of jerks on game when i want to relax?

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Sorry to disappoint you but my neighborhood is very safe. So yes, I never ever have been robbed in my life.

How about you? You live in a country where kids go to school and shoot everybody? Or perhaps a country where they blow people up? Every place has its dangers.