Server Laggs / DCs in Chaos Dungeon and other Content (Asta EUC)

hey Kagami i know you try only the best to help.
But atm we cant play loading is insance. Crashes happen again 24.11.2022 ca 20.00 on Asta (We start a new Guild Event … the best funnyst disconect - loading screen Pic on this Tread will winn a smal amount of gold ^^ )

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Thats is AGS and SG chasing each others tail.


Argos x 2 ^^

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Out of chaos Dungon and Surprice ^^

Hi there! @Platinia, @Succre and @Skyscrappy

Thanks for your reply and reports about the problem.

We have an update about the problem that I like to share with all of you.

Here is the link if you like to check it out.

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

I realy hope it will help… its not even funny anymore
getting booted from dungeons without rewards like 50% of the time :frowning:
yesterday i wasnt able to use the ship fast travel beause of the long loading times

i got some Disconects still today but more anoying is you cant use the Marktplace atm. i cant check items to sell. i would like to buy Assesoirys for the new Twink but no chance …

Hi @Platinia and @Aasimar

Thanks for the reply!

We really hope that the team can get fix it the connection problem soon.

At the moment we just need to wait until we have any news from them and also feel free to continue to report any issues you may experience, as this information is extremely valuable to our teams:

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf:


Today 12.35 at 27.11.2022 insane Lag, Loading time extended, black screen, and Market Place still not working.

at the end of a fight black screen

i try to get on the Ship to go to South Vern. I paid my fee, but i´m always ported back to the Dock

Chaos Dungon lost … see pic

Since 3 Weeks we cant make our Gold runs and Instanz Runs no Compensation jet for our lost … but for some Peons there are Serverdown realy …

Loading time extended, black screen, and Market Place still not working.

the same problems here: Loading time extended, black screen, and Market Place still not working.

but waiting 15 min to enter the Game … somtings is realy wrong with your Serverhamsters …

if i log in first i see Bots Army

Whats wrong in this Game? Market doesn´t work… Bots , Bots , Bots where ever you are… Loading Time extended, Blackscreens, Adventure Island for Gold…impossible… Waitingtime horrible.

Srsly a Clown company… Since weeks at exact times the same unplayable conditions…