Server Laggs / DCs in Chaos Dungeon and other Content (Asta EUC)

After Patch still Disconects ASTA still burning … like more then 3 Weeks now …!
30.11.2022 13.45

Hi again!

Thank you all for keep sharing your status with the problem

I’m sorry that the issue still happening to all of you.

About the issue the team is currently working to fix the disconnection problem in the game,

Here is what they say in the recent updates. "please note that we are still actively working through ongoing issues surrounding in-game disconnects. We will continue to provide updates and changes to these issues as progress is made, regardless of weekly update status or timing."

Here is the link of the post if you like to take a look:

At the moment we have any update about I will be let you know about it.

I’ll keep monitoring this post. :wolf:

Hy Kagami since Asta has longer suffered about Lags long londing time and Disconects then other Server, and not just the last 3 Weeks.
We had problems befor …
i will keep up this post to give a overfew. I know your working at the Problems but 3 Weeks of cant make all Gold Content is horrible.
But thank you keep up to see our Postings.

One good thing for me was yesterday after patch 01.12. i had no Disconect but some of my Guild still have.

03.12.2022 12.09 its starting again

Figth Bots on Atlas … :slight_smile:

Hi again @Platinia

Hope you are doing well!

Thank you for all your replies and updates about this issue.

I’m sorry that the problem continues after you have the patch when you had said that you don’t have any disconnections yet.

Regarding to this the team have made changes to the Easy Anti-Cheat version for Lost Ark in order to help resolve the issues being seen. Please try the steps in the following link to repair the EAC to verify if this help you with the connection problems.

Here is the link of the update made:

Hope this information help you! :wolf:

hahah that video is great … made my day

Still Disconects on Asta btw.

The new constant in my Life… I can´t understand it :rage:

We have radom Disconects here in Gild we was not able to make a simple Gardian without Disco … and yes we have done EAC Issue fixes like it was mentioned …

8.12.22 11.17

Habe schon wieder problematische Lags bzw. Ping Spikes. Es ist allerdings gut, dass man scheinbar weniger DCs erhält, selbst wenn man einfach mal für ne halbe Minute freezed…

12.12.2022 war wieder schlimm auf den Abend. 7 Disconects mit unterschiedlichen Meldungen
ansonsten war es bei mir besser aber immer noch haben viele massive Probleme auch bei uns in der Gilde.

13.12.22 19.00 Uhr… Snowpang. Can´t join the Event. Game crashed down… but Procyon shows " Done ". :rage:

14.12.2022 13.04 Lagun Iland Gold Iland dont get Gold about Disconect and Event is Marked as taken

Wonderfulll Lost Ark … more Lost in Disconects


realy …

And once again… the same. Forpe for Gold 13:00 … Loadingbar stops… No Event, no Gold , no Loot for me. But i get an ID???
undschon wieder

uff now the Bots looking for Busses …

Again Disconects and lost Chaos Dungon Ticket … i log back Dungon was Time gone…
Answer of Support its our side the problem realy you kidding me !

Still random Disconects … and a lot lot of Bots

7.1.2023 11.05 as usual lost Iland as of

its the 4 th Disconect since 11.00 seams the Bot are the Problem… Makers or i dont know but its realy fustrating …

Today 08.01.2023 13.15 massive Server Disconects …

Now the nonsense starts again… DC´s in Deskaluda…Chaosdungeon. It’s getting really ridiculous

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Realy ??? Massive Disconnects Today … @Kagami @Maselbart @Roxx