Server Laggs / DCs in Chaos Dungeon and other Content (Asta EUC)

And once again… the same. Forpe for Gold 13:00 … Loadingbar stops… No Event, no Gold , no Loot for me. But i get an ID???
undschon wieder

uff now the Bots looking for Busses …

Again Disconects and lost Chaos Dungon Ticket … i log back Dungon was Time gone…
Answer of Support its our side the problem realy you kidding me !

Still random Disconects … and a lot lot of Bots

7.1.2023 11.05 as usual lost Iland as of

its the 4 th Disconect since 11.00 seams the Bot are the Problem… Makers or i dont know but its realy fustrating …

Today 08.01.2023 13.15 massive Server Disconects …

Now the nonsense starts again… DC´s in Deskaluda…Chaosdungeon. It’s getting really ridiculous

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Realy ??? Massive Disconnects Today … @Kagami @Maselbart @Roxx

Meanwhile the disconnects belong to the routine being in the game. I have always more than one, when I am online. And yes… bots are everywhere. And they do have an influence on my gameplay since they aggro the mobs and I have to chase them, f.e. when I play my little T1-alt. Or they kill a mini-boss which I have to kill for a quest.

Usually I always come back to the dungeon where I was when DC happend, but the mobs seem to go on beating me up during my relog. So I am always dead when I return, what costs me a lot of phoenix-feathers. But a few days ago I had a DC just right after I entered the boss-rush-dungeon, this time I landed in Nia again and I haven’t received a new ticket yet.

I see the same pictures at the DC like those above my post and I bet, this is what everyone else gets to see. Disconnects happen to everyone on a regular basis. It’s a hot topic in all chats.

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Hi again!

Hope you are doing well!

I’m so sorry that you still have disconnection issue and error in the game.

I would like to tell you that the team is aware of this situation and they are still working to fix this connection problem. At the moment we have any new about it we will let you know.

@jakayba About the situation with the bots the team update post about and I would like to share it here.

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf:

hey Kagami since this Patch is realy bether with the bots and for the Disconects i am checking this weekend if it happen again … i correct the Bots retourn …

Hi @Platinia

Hope you are doing well!

Thanks for your reply!

I’m sorry the issue persist.

I would report the situation with the bot, however the team is aware the fight with the bots isn’t over as well as the connection issue there are working very hard.

Please if you haven’t do it reach out our support team in order help you further.

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf:

Yesterday night i got a Blackscreen if MVP pops up and instand Disconect i cant buy Box if i log back in the game i had no abilites to buy the box … Yesterday i got about 3 disconects. But the Blackscreen was new to me.

Hi @Platinia ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

Thank you for your report , I’m sorry you’re having issues with a Blackscreen and Disconnections.

Please try this steps to try to resolve the issue :

If the issue persist after those steps please report this via a web ticket , so our specialized team can assist you :

We apologize for any inconveniences generated by this.
Hope you have a good one!

Name sorêda date march 16 2023 5:50PM
Server zinnervale region center europe

HI @Soreda

Thanks for your reply!

I would like to know if you have this same problem with the server lag and DC from dungeon?

If you do, please follow all the steps shared above and if none of the steps works for you, please reach out our support team to help you further by creating a web ticket.

The link is was shared by my colleague Eulah in the post above.

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf: