Server lock make me do a stupid thing

Hi i got a stupid problem. Yesterday when my old server where i played before the launch was locked i was thinking about making a new Charakter on a different server. After i saw that i get most of the stuff from my platinum edition it was kinda okay for me that i make a new one. Then i was going into the store and buyed my self a mount. After waking up now i see that the other server is no longer locked. It’s makes me sad to think about that i lost my progress of the 3 days just to see now that i would wait until the next morning everthing would be okay. My server is Slen.
What can i do now is there a way to give the mount back and get my crystals back? Because since he is no longer locked there is no reason or me ever to move away from it since my friends can join now.
What should i do now? Play with my progress but with less crystals but with my full platinum edition or should i just accept the fact that i want to play with friends and for that i lose some parts of my edtion. Just to think about the Supply chest and the extra Slot.

Is there any way to give me the crystals back or bring the mount on the other server?
Hope we can find a way that both sides are happy to enjoy the game how it should be.

Hello, @Itsmeleni and welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

Sorry to hear what happened. In this particular case, we can’t restore the purchase or transfer the mount to the other server, whatever purchased/redeemed on a server remains on that server. But, since you already redeemed your platinum founders pack, you’re elegible to get an additional set of founders pack items, they will arrive to your product inventory, so you can redeem them on any server you choose.

you can find more information here.

I hope this info helps!

Is there anyway for you to manually help us transfer it? Will there be an option because this is a scam.

Okay sad to hear that you can’t do anything there but thanks for you time.