Server Lock Policy is flawed

Hello AGS, your practice of automatically locking Servers whenever they reach a certain number of people in queue is flawed and should be disabled, at least for the next few days.
I, as many other people, don’t even want to play the game at the moment because we can’t allocate all of our friends on one server and playing is just a time waste since we will always have to move on another server. I understand the logic of the locking, but it’s causing more problems than it solves.
If people want to play on high queue servers instead of switching to another, then let it be, let the people make their minds about what do they want and how they wanna deal with it. If people think that 2 days of progress are worth sitting in queue for this long, then it is how it is. Sometimes the best option is to do little to nothing, like many other MMORPGs have done in the past.

This policy just prevents everyone that have friends from playing, instead of spreading the population. For the love of god leave the servers unlocked at least for a week till everyone settles in and then do whatever you want.


Yep, it’s absolutely horrendous and one of the worst MMO launches I’ve experienced in terms of actually being able to play a social game with your friends and guildmates.

The insane thing is you take a look at their server status list, every single server on NA East and West is good, not a single busy or full, yet half the servers are locked? It’s stupidity.


+1, been sitting here waiting for my friends server to unlock so i can make a character. Literally zero point for me to play otherwise. Its such a shame.


They just need to unlock all of the servers and add 5-10 additional ones while keeping focus on supporting players with “transferring” their Founders Pack onto another server. The Problem of queues would solve itself in the matter of 2-3 days because people will have control over their choices of what server and with which queue they are willing to play.