Server Maintenance Disconnect - Abyssal Dungeon Locked Out

I’ve put quite a bit of hours in this game everyday and I was in a midst of an Abyssal dungeon last night when the servers went down for maintenance. This is totally fine-- the group I was with were aware and we were trying to complete the dungeon before servers went down (of course, we didn’t make it).

ISSUE: The Abyssal Dungeon-- “Tranquil Karkosa” counted the instance (i.e. “weekly entry exceeded”) despite me not actually completing it. Secondly, I’m now unable to do the next Abyssal Dungeon (i.e. Alaric’s Sanctuary) because it’s saying that I have to “complete preceding dungeon”.

I’m sure there are other relatively similar issues as this, but I think the most frustrating thing is that the weekly resets JUST HAPPENED. Hoping to get this solved because this really does kill the mood for the progression that I was going for; waiting a whole week will most likely just lose my interest, and I’m sure so will others).

Hoping for a fix!

Character Name: Kreyzness
Server: Ladon (US-EAST)