Server manager get tired?

Where are these servers ? Why i can’t play the game out of being server shutdown ?

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Maintenance has been set on Wednesday instead of Thursday with a few hours notice, shining their usual great communication skills.


The solution is not a message in a red rectangular actualy; my messagge was about ofc updates and news are good for us and more gaming experience and satisfaction maybe; however, i m gonna tell you what happened; just my friend called me and told me that they changed maintenance time and it will take 7 hours; well we lost our progress which we will make this morning for my alts guardians etc. and he told me he purchased different game and i suggested him to play grimdawn maybe till the end of this 7 hours; this is happening; hope you shorten these hours because we are old man we have not much time to wait more than 4 hours down time in a week;

Then you need to change your first post message because you were asking “Where are the servers?”. The answer to your first post message is the blue box above your post.

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is this post laugh-able

idk how to react cuz i felt funny and pity at same time.

Which Communication Skills?

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What communication?

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That thing that they don’t like to do!

You’re supposed to reply “where tooki?” :confused:


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tbh im at work at this times but what they do its intresting to say the least :stuck_out_tongue:
im network administrator and i have to inform half company within resonable time before i start tempering with network/servers and thats only our inside infrastructure :slight_smile:
But some companies have different standards it seems :wink:

is this your first online video game ever?