Server merge for low pop servers?

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@Roxx Sorry for tagging you, but do you have any plan to merge the low population servers once the hype goes down ? I mainly asking for servers like Brelshaza, Beatrice, etc… created after the launch. I fear that these servers could “die” in the future.

I know most of the content is region-wide, but any world boss or event and especially guild activities are not, which is still important for the game, and not being able to clear bosses or events due to low population would be very frustrating.

Even if server transfer is not possible in a near future, does server merging is planned ?

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Don’t count on it.

Look at EUW. What happens when hype dies and there’s no pop there? The whole region collapses and there’s no way out

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They already merged servers on KR apparently, that’s why I’m asking if AGS is planning the same.

What if the region is so dead merging doesn’t matter :open_mouth:

But yes I do think they will merge low pop servers at some point

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Oh yes, for EUW it’s definitly a concern.

There are 200.000 players in EU EAST queue waiting to get throwed into the west servers

No, there are no plans for server mergers at this time.

South America needs a server merge ASAP.
Other than Kazeros, all servers are pretty empty, and every region wide content you do solo, you get like 80% of players from Kazeros. The Competitive PvP leaderboard itself if a big prove of this.

I could post more pages, but it’s the same result. And yes, it’s exactly like this doing every single content, searching every single party finder lobbies. And I’m pretty sure that more people will be ditching the game due to desert servers being boring AF. I mean, the lively is the server, the better is the mood, more people going around stimulates peoples to keep playing.

Here some more:

This last one there was a party under it with 3 Kazeron and 1 Agaton (second most populated server in South America), but when I went to print, they already had started their content.

Curious about a merger if it happens? My first question is if you have 18 character on both servers that are being merged what happens. Plus cards and such?

At SWTOR when they did server merges, all characters above the limit were deleted. Happened to me and I quit right after.

But its not just losing chars, you can also lose names, guilds, or friends. Each realm has a cap, so if servers are merged, not everyone can go and people will be send to different realms once the cap is reached.

It is much better to “connect” realms, like WOW does. That being said, I feel that just connecting the AH is more than fine, as group content is instant.

Names are region wide so server merge would be ok in this case. If you are speaking about region merge that is not happening. Was already said multiple times. Servers are connected as are wow servers. So PVE is region wide, also is AH.