Server Merge... for NA and EU

the (?) is for OP

This whole post is about server merges why are we bring up artist in it? lmao

And yes @ytzyt ah is region wide… and we have two regions… North america East and North America West. two auction houses, two regions lol

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tbh i think the daily listing limit has more to do with less items being listed
NAE and NAW probably have the highest population

Yeah this is totally hurting the AH/playerbase

I mean maybe? but with two regions (east and west) you have guaranteed less accessories, idk i dont even list 20 items a day personally… i dont get that many drops even across 6 characters lol

Region merges is a functionality that is being worked on for potential use now. It is not ready to go quite yet, but we’re aware especially of the situation with Europe West and looking ahead to be able to improve this in the future.


Huge news that honestly reignites my interest in Lost Ark.

Can you clarify if this means NAW and NAE as well?

any time tables? first quarter of 2023, maybe 2nd quarter?

at the end of the day only 5 ppl left in EUW, im sure that wont be a problem doing some data transfering. right?

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thanks for the update roxx <3

Chances are if they implement it in Europe they would be able to do so in NAE/NAW so keep waiting and we will get it

Thanks Roxx!

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Can’t even fix DC issue and BOT problems now promising this merge. I’ll believed it when I see it.

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Ye , this is how this forum works .

Good it’s really needed. It will be more healthy for the game having more people to play with and also better economy.

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By all means merge EUW And EUC but DO NOT merge NAW with NAE. Forcing people to play with high ms is a terrible idea. By all means add region transfers but don’t forcibly merge the regions.

You’re such a goon. People play from KR to NAE and get 125-130ms.

I’ve played on NAE from the PNW and the south and my latency ranges from 50-90ms. That is not “high latency”.


NA is too big to be put together in one region. Just cause people play from KR with barely playable scuffed ping doesn’t mean the people actually living here should also have to. If they merge the regions even if they made infrastructure in the smack center of NA people on the far east and far west coasts would still have 90-100+ms.

I understand that perhaps you are a player that might not put a lot of effort into their mechanical abilities in a game but if you think anything above 30ms isn’t high you’re delusional sorry.

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Still can’t clear G6 Brel lil bro? I don’t think the amount of people in EUW is the problem.

So, SA will merge with NAE? Since most of the countries there have the same latency wheter they play in NAE or stay in SA afaik.