Server merger EUW and the ingame economy

At the moment I play on the Punika server in EUW. During the next few weeks Punika will be merged with two more servers in EUW.
I’ve asked myself how this is going to affect the ingame economy. Are blue crystals becoming more expensive or cheaper to buy with gold?
What you guys think about it?

They stay the same as crystals are region wide not server specific.

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merges won’t really do anything to economy
summer skins going away from the store will do more to the economy that anything else

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If players have more faith in staying and play on EUW, then it can effect market. Players can do certain content more.

IF the players don’t change the way they play, the amounts they play, etc anything at all, then immediately it will lower the supply of gold. Long term they will reach higher levels earning more stuff, and gold.

I don’t play that part of the game, but I’m referring to guilds and islands. After merges there are less islands.

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