Server Migration Needed!


Is there anyway now or in the future to change server ?
Me and my friends created character on differents server at release but we can’t play together because we are not on the same…and now we are too far in the game to renonce and create another one…

Please ear us and also many people… ALLOW US TO CHANGE SERVER !!

Best regards

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I’m also with this request. I have alot of friends and alot of them went to asta, some just went to 3 different servers, to avoid the Q-times. because we thought, there will be a transfer option but there isnt. We played like 100hours + now and cant play together because the only option is, to make a new char on a new region. this is inacceptable.

please make server transfers real or give us some DETAILED indeep informations WHY this isnt possible, we are missing the friendly and detailed communication that we had on new world!!

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