Server on "maintenance", but its NOT in maintenance

Game displays “in maintenance” even though the server is not in maintenance and my friend is playing (same server, Agaton). Please help. Char name in Agaton: Zaemon


@Sandovall @Roxx .

Same thing happening with me (same server as well - South America Agaton).

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Same here. It’s Like this:

Same here

the same here :/, since yesterday

Hello folks!

I’m sorry to hear about your situation with the servers.

Looking at the official server status page i was able to see that all the South America servers are available and none of them are down for maintenance:

Please log out of your steam account and log back in.

Let me know if the issue persist.

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It worked for me, thanks :smiley:

Close the game 4 times, restart steam app and still cannot log in.

Same Here. Restarting not working anymore.

Didn’t work for me, closed the game, logged out of steam and still says maintenance, checked server status and says is fine

Hello @gxkelvin @leonardofontana11 @unnoli.

I’m sorry to hear that the steps provided above didn’t solve the problem.

Please reach us via our live support channel so we can escalate this issue:

Have a nice day! :grin: :crossed_swords:

turn off steam interface, that fixed my game, weird as fuck but yeah

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turn off steam interface? how ?

How to Enable/ Disable Steam Overlay in Windows 10 (