Server poppulation increase

Ever since the honing buff and express the server population has definitely increased on my server. This goes to show you how many players like the game but feel like the grind is too much for them. I hope this trend continues to make it easier for returning players to pick up the game and enjoy meaningful content.

Keep in mind they are still not at our current endgame Vykas so it only is a good thing for the game. Some paying players might have been upset but they might just make friends with one of these returning players who otherwise would have never come back.

No more Gatekeeping!!

bots bots bots

Being able to hit.a certain I level doesn’t mean you are ready to tackle that content cough cough yoho drama atm. Ags needs to give us engraving books too alongside this boost so we can even see a newly created character not an alt to even have one line of engravings for yoho. It costs 2k to even get class engraving epic and add another 2k for battle engravings epic new players doesn’t have that much gold to spare. This is based on my new roster where I have preemptive strike level 2 on yoho as a paladin and blessed aura lvl 1

Edit maybe I got cucked as I didn’t even get the mokoko buff nor the mokoko challenge on my new roster

More like it shows that the majority of gamers are coomers

Nah, I’m sure bots make up some of the steam charts but I’m seeing much more server activity from real players. Every area has much more people in them than before.