Server population EU ADMIN

If there is a admin or whatever it called… please answer and give the pop of the servers. cause i am playing around 20 hours and i saw 2 players and still dont know if they are bots… wtf is that i am playing an online massively multiplayer game solo?

ok Got it . no answer no pop. fck this game


Low level content is solo at this point. Game has been out for 6 months, everyone is in t3 by now. Once you finish story you will get t3 in a week or 2 aswell unlike us who grinded for months. I guess you would see more new players once they release new passes and express events.

Maybe first inform on which server you play (region is not enough). Playing in t1 content? Yea there are not many players true

EU Admin In Game? :joy: :joy: :joy:

Welcome to Lost Ark.

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the game has been out for a while and we have gotten level up passes to bring people to tier 3 instantly even on their alt characters so you will most likely not find alot of people in tier 1-2