Server Population overflow concerns and regardless multiple servers and Founder's Pack

It would be nice to have an official answer from AGS to clarify those two topics for us.
The first one is extremely sensitive and can be a real dealbreaker for players.

The problem we may face or not is whether a new server will be added in our region and people who have already created a char (and not redeemed the Founder’s Pack) want to move to another server.
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The second answer we need is about too the first one because we decide and did an agreement with Spanish people, we decide to split servers, Kazeros for Brazilians and Agaton for the Spanish language since we have a huge language barrier between Portuguese and Spanish.
SA (LATAM) Language servers - General Discussion / General Discussion - Lost Ark Test Forums (
In this case, one server won’t be enough for us, since Korea has less than 300K people playing in 8 servers, this will be like:
Less than 37,500 people in each server inside each Region.

As soon as you login with your character the pack will automatically redeemed with a message in mail and a box in mail or cash shop.

This is afaik the actual status. But needs to be confirmed with article.

Roster storage is shared within a region. Which means you can redeem it on any server within the region if you leave it in the Roster storage. This is how it works on RU currently. I’m not sure how AGS has it set up for us to decide which region we play on though since no other Region(RU/KR/JP) has this feature. It may function like an entirely different client similar to LoL where your information isn’t shared.

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As far I know, the Founder’s Pack is going to be in the Product Inventory and not in the Roster Account inventory.

Not sure what you mean by “Product Inventory” but the Launch Details they released the other day stated it was Roster Inventory.

Even though it may be true, I am quite sure that this works only in your server, because many things are cross-sever in the game like this.

You are in NA East
inside has servers A and B
You create a char in server A and not redeemed your Founder’s Pack and choose to move to server B.

You don’t have a char in server B, you cannot redeem the Founder’s Pack there, you must create a char but.
People are saying the first server you create a char must be the server you have to claim the Founder’s Pack.

You can see the pattern issue now? Many things may force you to choose another server, like your guild being split because of server overflow, or other variables like be people don’t like the server because has many other languages in there that he/she can comprehend, etc.

**My strong and fair opinion in this is, IF YOU DO NOT REDEEM THE FOUNDER’S PACK, you must be able to choose the server you want or even a REGION YOU WANT, when you redeem is done, you cannot go back in previews servers and try to redeem again because will not work. **

Nothing can be FAIRER than this, who’s must be blessed in this transaction is only the players, looks like we are being punished for having bought the Founder’s Pack if it is confirmed that you must be redeemed in the server you create the first char.

In our case, SA servers we have for now only two severs, and we choose split servers with Spanish People because they asked us, basically only Brazilians speaks Brazilian Portuguese, the rest of South America speaks Spanish, we are 245 million people and a Legion of Players we are facing an inevitable problem without proper care and attention on us, but this problem may affect many other players, is not only for us, many people may choose change server or region because of various reason.


Based on your example people would be wrong.

If you make a character in NA East Server A and do not redeem the Founders from your Roster Storage and then create a character in Server B, you will be able to redeem it there.

The only issue that I’m unaware of is whether if you create a character in NA East and then decide you want to go NA West if you still can. The best I can say is that people should be communicating with those they plan to play with before deciding where they plan to play to mitigate any potential issues.

If this is true, I will be more at ease, but do we have any solid evidence or official confirmation of this?

This still could be a problem, even though a small one in comparison with the first issue you already mentioned.

This is how it works in RU so just in case none of the CM’s reply to this thread you have some info to help rid your concerns.

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Ty and I hope so.

Here is the all list and location of Lost Ark servers.

I asked 13 days ago, now, it doesn’t matter, the mess has already spread.
Too little too late.