Server population, stability and eventual que times

So I have been going through a fair share of server information, communitys etc to figure out where me and my friends wanna start out. I have seen currant estimates of server popularity and I am concerned that there will be server instability, major que times etc on release. Does anyone here has any information about this matter? would really like to play on a server without que times and server with stability, i.e no major lagging och crashes during launch week.


Every game thinks they are ready for launch day, no game is ever ready for launch day.


That would be true, coming from wow I can count one expansion launch without lag.

Prepared the worst, hope for the best and aim low :wink:
I am expecting 3 days early access smooth ride then all hell break loose after :slight_smile:


Hell can break loose…after ive secured my character names in early release :slight_smile:

I’m also wondering about this, was anyone around for the KR/JP or RU release? how was it?
long queues?

which name :thinking:

I’m hoping (not a strategy) the first 3 days to go OK with queues, then they will see the demand and open new servers for everyone who didn’t hop in the headstart (they have said they are ready to open new ones). It is about the only feasible solution at this point because they won’t post server population caps.

If it is any consolation, KR recently had over 260,000 concurrent players on 8 servers, which is an overage of over 32K per server.

I think we’ll be over 500K easily at some point in the first week of headstart launch. If they aren’t prepared for this it will be a disaster.


Back in 2018 KR launch, there as not lag nor stability issue only queue, not enough to make people go to sleep but enough to make than run in wall to not get afk/dc.

Season 1 was different but still relevant, those number we heard today about 250k concurrent are after 4 year, for a mmo is huge, here some news of that time.

It is almost guaranteed that certain realms such as Azena, Regulus and Una will have very high queues and will most likely be locked very soon after release due the extreme sheer amount of players that are expecting to play there while the rest of the NA realms will still have at least moderate queues.

We should see from 5k up to 10k queues for the NA realms and i am being positive when i am considering this because most likely something beyond our wildest imagination will happen once the game will go free to play. I mean, it is not an exaggeration if we are going to assume that the realms outside of KR, JP and RU will be hosting at least 500k players altogether for the first month.

This game is a gem among gems in terms of quality that is being published as free to play and is also very free to play friendly so we should expect seeing the game being extremely popular.

Well in theory they should know exactly how many founders packs they have sold in each region prior to launch. So they should have plenty of capacity. The only problem is predicting how the population will spread out within the servers.

This is difficult to predict as it will no doubt be influenced by the mega streamers during the launch event. Luckily in the EU this is less of an issue but in NA it could be a major problem, and probably worth waiting to see where they land before picking your server to avoid them.

The EU language issue has not helped the EU servers either with the dithering. Zinnervale looked good for english language but it now already looks far too full, and probably best to avoid.


If they locked the server it would be unfair for the F2P players or maybe the founders packed who late to join. Who knows, maybe they can hold 1 billion player in 1 server (doubtful). The point is nobody knows their maximum server cap besides AGS…

If they locked it then its for a reason, existing players should not live in perma queues coz some people are like sheep. Join another server.


It might no be so simple as ‘Just change server’. So long as founders packs dont get locked to a server it’s not a big issue.



The pack will be delivered when you create a character on a server, so please be mindful of this

The beta peak was pretty high imo, i do expect some issues more exactly on launch day.Yet another reason to grab a founders pack xD


Secure those character names in the early release and watch the servers blow up on launch day amirite!!

The simple answer to all of this is for Amazon to confirm there will be server transfers available, even for a fee in the future. People could then relax about what server they join and just have fun, then everything long term can get sorted later on.

At the moment there is too much fear of picking the wrong server, especially with names being locked out forever. If you make a bad choice you name is probably gone for good. At least if we know server transfer will be available (like in KR) then we can all relax just join lower population server and get on with the fun.

By the way, we might be too naive when thinking that 11th will have queues when the Global Top Sellers look like this:

That’s the indication for the 8th… the 11th when it’s officially released the game will be free… free game=free trial = free for all. People love freebies.

Trust me when I say this… the game will be huge!

Now, where is OCE server?

Unless you can see into the future (which if you can, call me, I need some lottery numbers) no one can give you solid information on what the server will look like on launch day.