Server population, stability and eventual que times

They have prepared for the eventual overload, as they do have servers on standby to open if absolutely necessary.

Avoiding queue times will be highly unlikely regardless of how prepared they are. The Founders packs are top sellers on Steam, so you know there is going to be an extreme healthy amount of people ready to play on Tuesday.

I expect a little bit of chaos to ensue, but for me, the fun part of any new major MMO experience is the unpredictability of it all. I guess I love it! I’ll be there either way on a currently unchosen NA-East server,

If it does happen, be patient, they have extra servers on standby and seemingly are well prepared based on what I saw thus far.

Yeah, well they know how many they have sold, they know what to expect from their servers, like how many people they can handle and so on, like they should had known with New World, but yet they errm FAILED so hard.

Sure sure, but when will they decide that they go up, after a few hours, at the real release date, of in a week after…

The info we are given is really bad, just Buy the Founders pack, get in, and then NOTHING, no info on what they will do WHEN not if, it all goes south, and yeah you may “say” that i got no trust in them, i just have been around for a few days, and i have seen a lot of releases, and not many of them ever went smooth.

And lol what is it you have seen so far? cause I have not seen anything, so link to where you red anything on how they will handle this, or how they prepared…

“This is the list of servers that will be open for players to select, beginning from the Head Start on February 8th. Additional worlds may be opened based on population levels.”

yeah already know that, but that does not mean s…

What we need is more info, a may be is not good enough, not sure if you saw the disaster of New World, the first week I sat in queue for close to 40 hours, like I wrote before, I have been a round for a while, and there are newer any information on how they are preparing, other than we will keep a close eye… and so on, which normally means NOTHING.

Again, not many month ago they failed so bad, and they have done nothing to ensure their customers, that it wont happen again, other than “Additional worlds may be opened”, yeah well… We are many that payed good money, so at least they can do is ensuring some better information flowing.
But this will never ever happen.

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I intend to be there the minute things go live… so that will be to late if new servers come out later… so I’m picking Karta and hoping it won’t be too too bad and it will still have space for my free to play friends when they are able to get in!

I am having same plans… there is a doc with guilds going to certain servers …my friends and I are looking for those low pops… Ladon and Karta seem to be best fit so far…

I’ve seen quite a few posts similar to this, and also wondering if starter zones will be overwhelmed, nothing to kill, unable to do quests etc. I think alot of people are thinking of this from the New World / Wow experiences of the past. They are forgetting or don’t understand how Lost Ark works, each zone can exist on the same server in multiple instances,

You can jump between these instances and they can just add more and more instances to keep a zones population regulated. If you look at the mini map you will see which instance you are on so friends can join you, i’m pretty sure in beta we got up to 10+ versions of some zones, this is pretty common.

I have attended plenty of MMO launches in my life and can safely predict server problems and server restarts with a 98,53% accuracy.


I can understand what you are saying since we are pratically aiming while blinded in this thread but this game has been on everyone’s lips and a global top seller for quite a while already.

There are actually so many communities and major streamers from other games besides Lost Ark such as Path of Exile, Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft, Diablo, New World, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Albion, Black Desert, etc… that are eagerly waiting to play the game.

And we also have this:

So yeah… i do believe that Lost Ark will have a supermassive launch.

p.s. i will buy a lottery ticket just in case :smiley:

They know the exact amount of pre-orders and since they chose to release around prime-time (at least in EU), I guess it’s safe to assume almost all people that pre-ordered want to dive right in at launch time.

How about instead of lottery numbers or other mumbo jumbo about server prediction on launch day we make a bet.

If there is a No server queues on the 11th February on official launch I would donate $1,000 to any charity or give away money to Amazon And make a tattoo of “i :heart: AGS” on my butt!


If there is server queues, release OCE server!

LA NA/EU going to officially release on weekend, it’s
a super hype game, it has crazy popularity on different versions and it one of very few MMORPG beside FF14 that keeps growing. Unless you are super confident with Amazon’s server capacity, server queues is inevitable.
I can guarantee you the number will surpassed NW 900k peak login on steam. :100: %


So, nobody knows the server capacity… It could be the servers will crash after 2000 people log in, it could be it takes 500k players no questions asked… Seems not really believable that a large game company buys servers but doesn’t know their capacity… Can someone help me understand what I’m missing here? ^^

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lol such a nice and fair bet.
Queue are not only on amazon/server side, you guys need to understand that sometimes people just want to play together with other people they like, making a room(server) more cramped than others.
What Amazon can do is prepare the best way they possible can which is not the best way you think. In the end is easy to predict something complex and say “see i told you”, but is hard to find a solution on a company level(remember money, personal, time…).
I don’t want to sound rude but if you guys know a better solution than the people that are already working on it for years, just apply for the job Amazon Games |, easy right?

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I wanted to know an important information which is:

Will we have a queue protection system ? Which means if you get disconnected in any possible way then will we be able to reconnect ourselves right away before at least 5 or 10min since our last connexion and bypass/ avoid to be queued again ? (Never played New world, dunno if they have it there)

Or should we just pray ?
Thank you.

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It is not because of the servers capacity of even stability because Amazon is definitely doing great in that field but because of the extremely absurd amount of players that are eagerly waiting to play this game ( which is of course great since i really like this game and i am happy to see it blooming like this ).

But if we can talk some numbers then we can at least say that the realms can individually hold up to 20k players? 30k players? At the same time? And i am saying this because at least the korean realms were only eight in number and could keep up to 230k concurrent players if not more.

Anyway, i do not doubt Amazon. What happens is that there will be an enormous amount of players that will want to play this game.

p.s. fasten your seatbelt because this one is going to be wild


Obviously we can’t know the exact number but Amazon should have more servers than the players have already purchased founder packs and downloaded the game.

This is data that is accessible and in my opinion should be common sense to scale them accordingly to those purchases while taking into account the f2p players which are coming in masses.

I can handle short queue times (10-15 minutes). I can’t handle 1,2,3+ hour queue times.
This is amazon. You have those Bezos Bucks. Use 'em. You know precisely how many pre orders there are. Plan accordingly.

I expect a massive surge on Friday though :frowning:

I think the bigger problems is trying to get people to not dogpile X server more then total server cap. Tho I will personally admit I wish games would start making Streamer servers, keep all the big streamers in there own playground and their wildly swinging server pops away from main areas. Nothing worse then finding out you cant log back in to your server because X large stream just went live or decided to come to your server.

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