Server Problems getting worse

While there may appear some trys to better the “server-situation” it develops: not only the disconnects that occured frequently (while Pc has full connection to internet) , they occur more and not only that; looging in/teleporting/entering raids etc takes multiple times more than before, leading to loss of fun / the enjoyability of the game decreases: up to IT IS NOT PLAYABLE sometimes (cant even clear any raid). !

I really enjoy the game itself and PLS dont fk this up like New World -.-


The thing is New World was already bad to start with, this game is good and all they had to do is port the game from KR and change minor things like they did with aura and pets, instead we have constant fuck ups and fixes to problems that don’t exist while keeping actual problems in game for weeks or months, no communications, lies, wasted time and so on

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