Server Queues and Bots (presumably)

Hi there - I know there are a number of threads on the topics of server queues and the presumable cause: the bots that are rampant across servers. I wanted to add my own voice to this and say it is very difficult to justify continuing to play this game if I have to plan when I want to login an hour or more in advance to be sure I can boot up my PC and start sitting in the queue. Sometimes I get right in, sometimes I have to wait an hour - and it doesn’t seem to have a rhyme or reason as to what times are a mess and which are not.

Because if i don’t plan, I often can’t even play when the queues are bad, which is becoming more frequent. This morning on Akkan (US West), there is a 6000 queue at 8am on a Friday. I somehow doubt this is peak gaming time for real humans.

I literally just had a mate message me this morning on Discord who I’d been urging to get back into the game after stopping a month or two ago and his message was this (paraphrasing): “I tried to check out Lost Ark again today and my server has a 7k person queue. This is crazy - Tried to play a little but wasn’t able”. That cannot be good for the health of the game long term.

Please find a way to address the bot problem and soon. I am losing patience and I really enjoy many aspects of this game; and as you can see above many folks who have already left probably aren’t going to feel compelled to come back if they can’t even login.


Casual players leaving the game, you can thank the queue later