Server Region Changed from WA to WE without notice and unable to switch regions myself (from Oceania)

I’m a player from Oceania, and I don’t know what choosing servers is like anywhere else in the world, but I haven’t been able to change server regions since game launch. I was ok with this, and I just went with the server region the game chose for me, which was North America West.

I was logged in 9 hours ago playing in the Bergstrom server in North America West (WA), but when I logged in to play this morning, I found that the server region for my account had been changed to EU West (WE). Because I can’t change my server region, I can’t get back to the character I was playing with, which, for reasons that I hope are obvious, has made me quite upset. I don’t know whether this was intentional (it wasn’t my intention at least), and I haven’t seen any other players report this issue, or as an issue, yet. Would anyone be able to comment on this?

I’ve only seen people ask about how to change server region outside the game (which I have tried and failed to do) and talk about changing server regions in a way that seems like it could be their choice as to whether to play in a different server region or not, so I’ve been pretty confused.

Any other help or info on whether I can switch back to WA would be appreciated, thanks!

Changing server regions works for me like this:

In the server selection window I click on the region I want to switch to. Next a popup message shows up which says I need to restart the game to do so. I click on Yes and the game shuts down.

Next I start up the game again and I’m in the server region I wanted to switch to.

Hope that helps.

When I do that, it comes up with the message “Region is closed and can’t be selected”, which is what I mean when I say I can’t change server regions. I’ve read that this message is supposed to pop up for when servers are under maintenance, but at the time of writing, no WA servers are under maintenance, and this has been the way it’s been since launch.

The message that you get when switching regions, I only get when clicking on the region I’m currently in, so it’s redundant lol. Thanks for the help though :slight_smile:

Looks like there’s maintenance for certain servers. Maybe your issue is related.