Server release queue vs hype

First of all I am so hype for this game, have been waiting since 2019 for western release. Should I put my bar very low for the first 2 weeks of LA release knowing most likely (based on many AAA MMORPG previous releases) that the server will be jammed packed, expecting queues and possibly DC during gameplay?
My recent experience will be New World…
Will AGS learn from it?
The beta experience was smooth for me (except for latency 200-250ms issue for from playing from OCE). I just hope that I have similar or maybe better experience than BETA (If there’s OCE server on release)

You should ALWAYS expect queues and lag when new MMORPG launches, it is partly “intentional”. Yes, they could add more servers for launch to lower or remove the queues but that would just damage the game in the long term.

The reason why there is only a limited number of servers at release (long queue and lag) is not to save money but because it is expected that a big percentage of players will either quit the game after a few days or weeks (decided the game is not for them) and some players will not have time to play 8+ hours a day (vacation) so the queue will naturally get lower and servers become stable. If they opened too many servers at launch, some or most of the servers would become a ghost town after 1 month. Please, keep in mind that there is no server transfer in Lost Ark, each server is like a different account.

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There is no server transfer but AGS can still merge the server right?
This game is great but experiencing ridiculous time of queue server+ DC during gameplay will impact the gameplay experience.
I think the only game that has smooth release in this recent year is ELYON I was expecting queues but probably because there lack players to begin with I was happy i didn’t get queues and can Play from day 1

No queues from lack of players is not something to boast about…

I am not sure about that, no idea about server merges.

Someone from KR or RU would have to confirm that but maybe server merges are not possible due to the LA engine.

Elyon … lol
Most players who played Elyon (or didn’t) knew that the game is not really worth much and is going to be dead after a rather short time, that is why you did not see any queues.

We are talking about super servers here. It is not something you can merge that easly. Plus these servers needs big infrastructure and cost a lot of money.
Early access should be fine, but the release will be painful imo (yeah praise the f2p model…). What you can do is playing during the night-morning, that’s what I am doing with FF14 now, coz the queue is several hours long, and SE don’t care at all (they have more than enough players, they won’t add new servers).

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Same here lived in Australia and waiting since 2014 or 2015 it’s about the same time Lineage Eternal show their first trailer. I knew OCE region is a forgotten area most likely we are going to play on NA server with lag and join the event in a wired time because of the time zone. But I’m worry about even there’s an OCE server how to deal with the population lost later on. if there’s not many active player in a server how could people complete the legion raid in future update.

So… judging from current situation where OCE players not getting OCE server it will put us at the time when our “normal prime time” 6-10 P.M = sometime around morning/ midnight in US
So the silverlining of having bad connection will be possibly less queue when server goes live?
Sorry it just that the hype put my expectation for the game high as well it’s common disappointment when the new game fail to deliver due to server full…
FF14 is indeed good example

But in the end, FFXIV is the most played and popular MMORPG currently and I don’t hear anyone quitting the game for long queues, only complaints. If anything, people will quit because of empty servers and long raid/dungeon queues due to no players to play with, way quicker Also, long queues are often an indication of the popularity of the game and would rather wait 8 hours in a queue to play a popular and demanded game than a game that has no queue and is not as popular aka Elyon.

I recommend you to practice patience and slowly prepare to wait in queue with Lost Ark launch on any future patch days. This is bound to happen and you can’t fight it.

I am expecting long queues and possible DC during gameplay it won’t stop me from playing. I am just worried with this kind of Hype the game will be unplayable for the first 2 weeks of launch and some players will get frustrated and give negative review on steam.
Regardless, LA is solid game all I am asking is AGS to be more prepared learn from New World launch and be better… AGS is the company who will manage the server right not Smilegate? CMIIW

It’s a bit frustrating when queues are used as an excuse to cry about the game and want them to add servers…but when the queues are fixed and servers are added, the game is “dead” because there aren’t enough people logging into the server to trigger queues and people proceed to screech about it every minute, every day on every server until the prophecy fulfills itself.

you don’t need to, there is no global “hype” at all, don’t fool yourself just by your own feeling. Beta went as it went and I wouldn/t expect any problem during the start.

If there is queue or problem it’s the first hour as worst of head start and then release. But I don’t expect even that really. The population won’t get tremendously higher then it was.

A good thing is this game kinda has a potential to get some popularity over time when people see it playing and will be wondering why. Because right now it really has somewhat cold reception as on the outside it looks kinda like diablo, with grind, and p2w. And for people playing poe it’s not poe enough. A lot of them will try, eventually, but they are not waiting for the minute it opens.

And in a week population won’t be anywhere near the day 0 due to natural decline. And after that it’s unsure which way it goes really.

Isn’t this game one of the top 5 most played mmorpg in Korea? The game is massive there and the market for Western release is huge especially with many famous streamers hype and playing on release this February

it is, but if you tracked the reason why you could notice the reasons for massive popularity, and much more important, loyalty are specific to KR market only. And it’s not tight solely to the prduct itself. Remember, it got the popularity even when it was not so great prduct during S1. Ever wondered why? And as can be seen, and expected, those reasons do not translate 1:1 to other markets. It’s just a game there.

Again, don’t be mislead by the bias you may get from being surrunded with already LA positive group of people, that includes “famous streamers”. If you actually check the beta progress, twich and other social media views/followers and compare that to similar things you will get quite accurate picture of real acceptance and adoption. Or ask your MMO friends from all other games really. They both are coherent so far for LA.

And based on that, and some other beta/headstart/release products you can tell where it realistically leads to.

Now, I won’t question what you consider as “a hype” in numbers. But based on comparable products and the beta users, twitch followers and the real response you can tell how the launch will most likely look like… 75-150k headstart peak. <150k launch time. And that would be the successful launch. It’s not that hard, people are the same.

Now I assume AGS will not suddenly become more competent or resourceful and out of nowhere start some massive and successful marketing campain we’ve never seen before even for NW (which was and for a reason still is massive compared to this I mind you).

And if we get 3-4 servers it should hold. And even with 2 per region, scaled a little better temporarily, it will be ok besides first few hours during peak for first week or so. Serverside the beta was reasonable. But it only needed to hold 75k players for very little time during the week.

And we don’t really need peek performance first hours/days really. This is not MOBA where you jump into ranked e-sport immediatelly.

Estimating <150k when the game launch is really underestimate the game… especially when there’s “NO” OCE server and every OCE players have to flock to US server…
I guess another good reason why we need OCE server especially on first few weeks of the game release (which is on the other forum “please Consider OCE server”) hehe :slight_smile:

I think he meant US AND EU region. We had 88K peak during beta iirc. Granted, most people myself included barely played the beta given that we are on RU, but still. So a 75k - 150k estimate for head start seems fair.

I used to play in the early 2000s - 4th coming - on servers of 200 people max. Everyday we had small queues so let’s say 300 people at best. 1k+ per server is enough. I don’t need 2 billions players I’ll never talk to or see.

I really don’t want the insane hype for the game, so when 500k FOMO stream followers go to the next game of the week, we get doomsayers that are calling the game dead cause it has 100k concurrent players instead of 600k.

It’s a F2P game.
It will be highlighted by steam.
Will probably be one of the most watched on twitch during early access.
It is launching a friday.
I am not very optimistic. The launch will be a nightmare.

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There will be many famous streamers playing this game on release date + some of us waiting Western release for a loooong time that’s the hype my concern is how AGS handle our enthusiasm within the first few weeks of game release.
The game will be HUGE!