Server Reopening

Why would you cap server creation for less than a day only to backtrack your decision. I wasted a day grinding to 30 on a server none of my friends are on only for yall to realize what a terrible decision that was AFTER launch and not before launch. Everyone was telling you how this would ruin groups of people who want to play together. You don’t even offer server transfers so either I waste the resources and time I spent on that character or I go play with my friends. This sucks pretty bad.

First you cap the server pop before the 3rd day of prerelease so even as a founder I couldn’t play where I wanted then you double back post release…

@Roxx I appreciate you working here, I know there are a lot of complaints but please convey this to whoever needs to hear it.

Please make transfers available as soon as possible

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Obviously, because enough people went to other servers? Take your knowledge and go to the server with your friends and quit complaining.

because they announced that they would give a 2nd founders pack to all who have used it before Feb 14th, lots of people moved to other servers and capacity was less for a brief moment.

It honestly baffles me how none of the staff foresaw this. Locking a few servers did nothing except an easier access on first day for those servers. People fill up every single server regardless, locked or not. We had 15k queues before locking anyway.

People would have migrated naturally to less populated servers. Nobody wants to wait in 20k queues. Locked or not. Doesn’t matter. It was quite clear for me from the beginning. And i am not a network or servers / database engineer. A regular mid-class person.

this be the main problem with ur argument tho.

Regular joe foresaw the situation that amazon’s network engineers couldn’t ? i mean… Is that really my problem, or is it theirs? :slight_smile:

@itsseph no you did not forsee things that a professional publisher didn’t… as a technical person myself i see big flaws in your argument that dont make any sense, just sayin… like…

Locking a few servers did nothing except an easier access on first day for those servers. […] We had 15k queues before locking anyway.

thats exactly why they did it

People would have migrated naturally to less populated servers. Nobody wants to wait in 20k queues. Locked or not.

not actually true, guilds don’t just split up when they’ve decided on the main hub, and theres very good reason people flock to certain servers i.e. streamers, pvp, clout, serious competitive nature in very large multigame guilds, would push any server over capacity for the unforseeable future, it happens in every other game and would continue to happen in lost ark if they didnt use the lock

professional :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

close zinnervale, those queues wtf? Why u even opened it

Premade guilds / streamers are the minority here. Today, the game is loaded with one and a half million players. You severely underestimate the amount of casual players who just want to hop in and have a good time. Not push top level guild content day 1.

Or you severely overestimate the percentage that those advertised guilds from google sheets take overall… Either one.

I might have underpresented myself there as a kind of hyperbole of sorts. I do have a basic knowledge and a very little, but regardless, a background of networks, servers, databases.

pre-order = committed players are the majority

free to play = fully open to all sorts of casual players

the servers were struggling during preorder … just saying… there is only a queue in a window of 7-8 hours. if a whole server load of people are logging on off-peak, and staying logged on during the entire prime window, thats a lot of people not making it through the queue, thats also a lot of server capacity dedicated to a queue in the first place.

just saying, theres no reason to not lock the servers down. FFXIV already utilizes AI to automatically lock servers on a queue length basis. lots of players = temporary lock. the idea isnt new, at all, and its fairly effective considering the alternatives…

Didn’t say locking servers was a bad idea. It made sense from several perspectives, i give them that. I just thought it may have been not a very well thought out one.

Then again, they should have prepared for at least a million active users. It only takes like 30 minutes of research to realize the scope of the game.

Sitting in my room browsing youtube for reaction videos and what not, i knew that the game will have 1 million concurrent players, at MINIMUM.

Pre-ordered players are by far not a majority. Not even close. Even if it was the case, it would be even worse. They increased the amount of servers three times since then, and instead of queues improving, they got worse than they were during pre-launch.

im sorry but this is not what i said. i said, preorder = committed players are the majority. as in, of all people who pre-ordered, the majority of those people are the highly engaged ones i was talking about, not just casuals. this is in regard to my point about players going 4head over google spreadsheets and guild forming.