Server Reset Progression - Weekly Lockout

Today there was server maintenance reset for the U.S west servers (Akkan is my server.) By the time we got the ‘10 minutes to server reset’ message, we were just starting the Road to Lament Abyssal dungeon. We had the final boss down to 5 bars of HP and a free win when we all got kicked and the server reset.
Logged back in after the maintenance only to discover that not only had we failed the dungeon and couldn’t continue on, it now says that I have done my 1x weekly entrance into the dungeon. This means I can no longer progress this week because I can’t do the next dungeon until I finish road to lament. (Which I did, we were done with the dungeon but got nothing due to the reset.) It should either let us finish the dungeon or not join one until the reset happens. A huge bug that needs to get fixed.

In addition, I want my weekly limit set back to 0 so I can run this dungeon and actually finish it instead of being cheated by the server reset. So I can progress my gear and continue playing this week. I was cheated out of finishing the dungeon by the reset and I expect to be able to run it again this week since it was not MY fault we didn’t get to finish, it was the game’s fault. It’s annoying enough that it reset mid-run but the fact that it consumes the 1 weekly run is abysmally stupid and clearly a bug. Please reset my Road to Lament weekly run counter to 0 so I can run the dungeon and get rewards for it (as I did earlier before getting cheated.) Thanks.

Server: U.S West - Akkan
Character name - Zhangjiao, Level 50 paladin.