Server selection not really working

Hello all,
so we just found out that selecting servers does not work. Friend of mine just finished playing for today and to his surprise he is not on the server he selected but he is elsewhere.
Me arriving home late today i just hopped into queue to server he told me he is on and after relatively short waiting (about 1 hour, one and half maybe) i was at character selection. Looking at wrong character. I ended up on server different from where i queued to and different from the one where my friend was actually playing. So here is little preview of how it works.

So the way to tell the queue you are actually in is that once you join queue, you can just single click select any other server in the list and it seems that line jumps back to where you are actually queued (give it minute or 2, it seems to be doing it at preset times). This "workaround is speculation but it seems to be the way.

The way to check which server you are on when you are already logged in is (probably) this : Community → Find Party → Other → Other and then you should see only people from own server (blue text above their name after you choose any party is the server name)