Server switch america dont understand

Can t understant u switch me to south america server for no reason i m europe central …

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I have the same problem since 23:11 I was disconnected and the other servers are indicated as closed .


same thing, I can only go on SA servers while Im on europe central!!!

Bonjour @piStoO ,

You created your thread in the French section, I move it to the English Support section.

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Hello @piStoO, @whiskysas, and @Dazou, and thank you for moving the post over @cmz10,

I am sorry to hear you are having issues connecting to your regions. Please note this comes up when your network or ISP provider is routing your connection through regions different than the ones you intend to join, which is an expected behavior from our servers to make only those servers where you are connecting from available to you.

Your best option is to check on any settings that may be redirecting your connection and modifying as needed.

Good luck! :wolf:

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