Server time is incorrect! All alarms are broken!

Hey staff, On US-West Vultan server (unsure about others), the time portrayed on the server clock is 1 hour ahead while the times on the alarm are 1 hour forward. This is leading to people going to islands, events etc at the wrong time. For example, If an island comes up in 1 hour and 30 minutes, it actually comes up in 30 minutes.

Is this known by the devs and when can we expect a fix for it, I was hoping for it to be hotfixed with the last patched that just happened.
Thank you <3


I thought this would be fixed already with how many people are having the issue. But newp… lol

I was about to report this myself. All the times are off by 1 hour and I’ve had to rely on my friend to get the event timers as he isn’t desynced.

Hola. Tengo un problema con la hora del juego estaba pensando que llegaba tarde a los eventos , pero naturalmente dichos eventos no existían porque tengo la hora EDT Lo cual no corresponde con la EST. Alguna solución ? NA East/ Ladon

Just found out I am having this issue as well on the same server. People are spamming “Tooki” in the chat but I don’t see it in the alarms at all.