Server transfer = all your problems will go away

Its really simple. Sell us the option to transfer servers and everyone will stop complaining about queues and not being able to play with friends. Not to mention, it will give you more profit.

The amount of complaints in this game can all easily be summarized

  1. Its pay to win
  2. We cant play with our friends
  3. The queue time is waaay too long.

Implement server transfers and boom! 2 out of the 3 major problem of this game gets instantly resolved.


So all = 2/3 for you

Pay to win isnt really a problem. People just complain about it. its dumb to actually expect a free to play game without any pay to win mechanics to lure whales into spending behind it.

The whole reason why lost ark has bad reviews on steam now is because of how they handle their server issues. While most games fixed this by implementing a server transfer, somehow AGS thought that by adding more new servers that will further divide group of friends or guild will somehow solve their problem.


ok and when everyone wants to transfer to the same over populated server? queue times will suddenly go down? no your stuck with loweer populations else where and over crowded servers with that logic, they already said they are working on adding more servers and all the limitations are temporary until they can stabilize everything… they cant just make an abundance of servers then now you are left with some empty ones and vice versa.

also dont you think having a pay to transfer server without limitations for this already high playerbase be a bit troublesome to deal with in the evevnt there were a lot of bugs resulting from that? jsut be patient and play the games, and if you cant play with your friends, either make a new character or have your frends comme over lol (they had an incentive for founders to transfer already )


They will solve I believe :slight_smile: its +1m users MMORPG I m sure that they ll solve early

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The thing is, they cant do anything else. They’re just the publisher, not the developer. The game hasn’t even a transfer system in korea. Smilegate would have to code one first and they didn’t so far.

The whole point of server transfers is for people to transfer to lower pop than vice versa.

This has happened in WoW and in FF14 wherein huge guilds actually transfered to lower pop servers to balance things out.

Having it implemented i can guarantee will fix the issues. Adding more servers wont.

Adding more servers will not fix it because people would rather stay in queue than make new chars losing all progress theyve made.

While implementing server transfers will eliminate that and actually entice more huge guilds to move to lower population servers in order to skip queue times.

I 100% guarantee you, if you interview any large communities in zinnervale right now, if they have the chance to transfer to another server, majority of them will say yes without thinking about it twice. But if you ask them if they want to make a new character on a new server even with the full platinum refund (which isnt the case since theyre only giving back scuffed version of the pack) all of them will say no thanks and rather deal with the queue.

Adding more servers is not a solution but rather a placebo effect to make people think that they are actually trying to fix it. But intelligent people wont be tricked by this, and would prefer to not lose their progress than getting a scuffed version of the founder pack.


This is false, there have been quite a few posts showing there was a transfer option in Korea at one time.


Smilegate would have to code in transfers for this version, I assume there has been discussion but adding in a server transfer without testing won’t end up well. After like a week or two a lot of the bandwagon and streamers will probably stop playing and then there won’t be server issues.

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But what if it IS actually popular and people ACTUALLY want to play, but nah you prefer them to quit due to servers + queues. Is that what you’re saying?

If I was a publisher I would do everything in my power to not let one player quit. The f you talking about…

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People continue playing other games, they have a binge of a game then come on for a bit. Also if you were a publisher you would understand that this launch is a success. Name me an MMO that has a had a better launch. Out of all the MMO’s I played on launch new world and lost ark I have been able to play on day 1! Most are wait until week 1 is over then get on. Wow classic when it was launched there were streamers in queue all day for the first week.

fighting amoungst our selves is futile … considering this ENTIRE fiasco could have been avoided be amazon having MORE servers ready at day ONE instead of this crap now just like new world - all they did was flick a switch and boom servers came online why the hell didnt they do the same for this??? fools.

Where is this a complaint? Its just the name of the game concept

of course this launch was an success in amazon’s and smilegate’s point of view, I mean they sold 1,5m Founder packs. How many of them are able to play the game doesnt matter, only how much money they earned defines a successful or failed launch.

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That’s not true, we can’t login with server with no queue ATM.

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Its a success alright. If their aim is to scam people.

If this is a success launch for you then you must be one of the new generation kids who grew up where its normal for gaming companies to screw over their players. Its alright though i dont blame you for your low standard of games when it comes to quality.

But some of us here actually care about what we paid for and want the game to be great.

I have only waited about 3-5 hours in queue time. I’m playing on Una in US East one of the servers that shows up as busy all the time.

Please name me an MMO with a better launch.

Lost Ark is basically experiencing the Curse of MMOs™.

I mean MMO’s deal with major issues on launch. The whole “you must be one of the new generation kids” shows they haven’t experienced MMO launches.