Server transfer on same region

I’m currently playing in NAW Shandi and it seems that my guildmates and friends already quit the game. I have found new friends playing on a different server on the same region. I’m just wandering if this service would be available. TIA for answering.

Unfortunately a permanent server transfer feature does not currently exist in any version of the game. While it is possible an opportunity for this may open in the future, I don’t have any news on a permanently available server transfer feature coming to the game.

While you cant engage in server activity like guilds, maps and field bosses together you can still group up for matchmade/pf content like legion raids, abyss raids and dungeons, so you can still play with them for the more relevant aspects of the game :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to merge any other servers soon?

There seem to be more players without a guild trying to join up with more populated servers, except they cant join other server’s guilds so this is just sad for them