Server transfer service

Please work on creating a server transfer service. I wish to move servers along with my guild to somewhere that is more stable, less packed with bots that doesn’t have random 6-7k queues on weekdays, long black loading screens that result in errors, DC from Argos or valtan that consumes your weekly entry or 12 hours of server maintenance in a row after a previous day of bad server performance and maintenance.

This is not a joke thread. I would like to literally pay to transfer servers to na east to reconnect with friends there. Other global games like have either global matchmaking or transfer services like league. Please can we have it? I don’t mind if it takes a bit of time to work on, or just a single intern working on it part time.

Agree, NAW has suffered enough. Let people transfer region/servers.

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It’s feels like I made a mistake playing on na West…

4.3k Queue at 6:00AM on NA west Mari.

11k Queue at primetime 9:00 PM sunday yesterday.

same for euw, moonkeep community is 5 stars but we strongly need help from euc matchmaking/ah