Server Transferring

I’ll be honest and transparent here, but I’m not sure how this service is overlooked in almost any large scale MMO. With that said I believe this should be a very high priority for the long term health of the game. Most logical gamers don’t believe Lost Ark will die, but we do understand there will be natural attrition from the game, and as new player join they will likely avoid lower population servers, further increasing the difficulties of playing on these servers, and risking player retention that may decline simply because it becomes overly difficult to find groups for many things such as: Raids, Islands, World Bosses…and more, none of which scales with player participation.

Server transfers should 100% be a future focus (sooner than later) to maintain healthy populations for players, and even allow unused servers the opportunity to be discontinued for developer/publisher efficiency.


You are 100% right. I even can’t understand how game in 2022 has not this basic feature before even launch. Region transfer is more difficult and still many game has that. Server transfer should be in the game launch in 2019.

its a 2011 game, not 2022 game tho :smiley:

They could start developing the game in 2011 but had enough time to create this function before the official launch in 2019. Let’s not talk about their global launch this year :slight_smile: I was in shocked when i discover they don’t have it.

well, not really, the game launched in KR only back then and they expected to be a kr only game.

And for KR, since its only one regions and all the servers are connected together, there was no point for them to develop “server transfers”

prob they never expected the game to go out of korea

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They never cared to make any transfer because it originally only a KR game with ONE region.

They did eventually do server transfer but even that I heard was done manually by hand per character and for limited time only.

They certainly did not refine or even think of transfers so who knows if they have even bothered to start the ground work for it since then.

I understand all of these points, I really do. It makes sense financially and logically. But we aren’t there anymore, and my point is it should be a focus now. Either make server transfers a thing, or make the current servers mega servers.

What I don’t want to hear is it “can’t”. If there is a will, there is a way. I’m willing to go through multiple extended down times to make this a thing, because it is one of the single most valuable interventions to maintain player retention from low pop servers. Either way there needs to be far more connectedness.

They will anounce soon something, no worries.

Euw is dead and they cannot let it be like that. They will either:

  1. Merge all EUW servers, which will do nothing to help with the super high queue times, because the matchmaking is already cross server.

  2. Merge euw with euc, which will be way harder to do, due to rooster thing and naming limitations.