Server transfers and Server languages

Hi there, im from Germany and i seem to be on a Server(Neria) that is now community chosen to be italian and polish. There is a holy war going on in the ingame Chat between Italians Polish people and EU people.

You MUST declare languages for your servers in eu! Otherwise the Community is fucked. Also we Need the option to transfer to another Server.

I will pay for it.

Also i cant Even add my friend to the ingame friendlist.


I have the same issue here, I’m in server Brelshaza there are a lot of people who speak Spanish, Almost no one speaks the English language. I’m willing to pay if they add a transfer server from Brelshaza to nineveh.
Because my friends were playing on nineveh. There is no add friends list.

Please amazon developer… I need you to make this address… I’m always willing to pay transfer server or Free.

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Yeah, me too want pay for transfer XD
But if you can do looks like in black desert online. You can choose every server and then you pick your character. Whit this option ppl on server are more balanced. Now Neria 20k wait, Mokoko 700XD I know you will fix this waiting but maybe this is one nice option. I hope you can use it^^


im on a fully french server cause they all decided that on some french reddit.

I dont care about queues or anything just let me switch servers in EU CENTRAL


Provider free server + region transfer tokens to the player base ASAP - AGS - Mostly we learn with our mistakes but it looks like that is not the case with AGS + not to mention the poor responses e get from devs in these forums - same was observed with New World - Either get your stuff together and do provide proper customer feedback to the player base and increase budgets for gaming infrastructure such as servers so that you don’t launch FIASCO after FIASCO - use the so much money you earn with gaming sales or stop AGS for good as you are the perfect example of money greedy corp which cares only about profits and not for the people who actually bring you those profits - it is not rocket science AGS - And to all players stop mentioning that you are willing to pay for a transfer token when is AGS fuck up and mess that should never have existed in first place if they knew what they are doing - AGS Amateur Gaming Services

Same issue here im on spanish server would really like to transfer but dont want to start again :frowning: Cant face going from item level 0 to 590 again fro scratch

I guess Amazon can’t afford to make a multi-server like BDO. Funny coming from a company that provide servers kek

Same here stuck on Trioxis. Funny things is I was in on early access when the world chat was still quiet . I was in the game so fast i literally realized I was one of first people online after release. And slowly i saw more people coming in and more french