Server Transfers are they going to be a thing?

I am one of the unfortunate many that has been playing on EU Zinnervale for the past week and been hit by 20k queue’s which at best is over 6 hours just to get into the game. What I don’t understand is that if the worlds have a hard cap, why not limit the amount of available accounts on each world which would reduce the queues?

Its 1pm on a Monday and already in order to play I will have to wait until 7pm at the best estimate just to play. I would rather transfer my account to another less populated server just to be able to play.

With all the issues in terms of the popularity of the game and how long the queue’s are? Will you allow people to transfer servers and if so when is the timeline projected for this?

Maybe - Server Transfer’s need to be developed from Ground - since it was never a thing.

So when Smilegate develops it - then we will have it.

Probably takes some time till then ^^