Server transfers as solution?

By now, nothing short of a free time-limited server transfer (for the whole roster) seems to be inadequate as solution for the wild queues and random character spread over multiple servers of any given group/guild.

As I heard they’re being tested on the Korean servers now. So I’m curious whether AGS considers offering everyone a character transfers in the somewhat foreseeable future or categorically rules them out as a solution. That would be nice to know ahead of the new Europe West region’s start.

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Regarding your questions about server tranfers, one of our community manager have expressed that this is a function that is unfortunately not available for Lost Ark now, they will try to work with the developers to evaluate the possibility of implementing this in the future but as for now there’s no ETA for it:

We appreciate your understanding!

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I understand all of that, but sadly that answer is too vague to decide for or against joining the new server region. I’m not sure how much information is ready to be shared about transfers, but I’d like to ask some specifics either way.

Are server transfers something you will be offering to Founders for free once this feature would be completely implemented? (I’m aware it could take a

Is the final version supposed to transfer characters only, or a complete roster?

Would I bar myself from transferring my roster to a server that I already created a character on?

Is it intended to be possible to transfer from EU Central to EU West?

These are all things I’m desperate to know before the new region opens.

(Off-topic but related: Will Twitch Drops and Founders Packs be claimable for people that already claimed them on a different region? Same question for the Level 50 Complete pack, that is only purchasable once per account.)

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We appreciate a lot this kind of feedback for our game, so community managers can see it and deliver it to the developers, we also have a feedback section where you can comment on this kind of suggestions:

Unfortunately this kind of information is not available at the time, but if in the future this function is added to the game, the developers and Community Managers will do the official communication within this forums.

Once again, we appreciate your feedback as well as your understanding.

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Well, that’s sad to hear. But I nonetheless thank you for your time and effort. o7 Have a nice day! @Mambasser

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