Server Transfers ever coming?

HI I just wanted to ask if we are ever going to be able to server transfer? I’m stuck on Valtan and my friends are on Akkan so I would like to be able to play with them. I see its against the TOS for making another account so I cannot do it that way is AGS and Smilegate looking into a solution for this issue at all? @Roxx @Seawolf Thanks just wanting to see if its ever going to be possible at all?

You can play with them. The party-finder is region wide

its very hit or miss tbh, mostly miss

How is it hit or miss? You just invite them to a lobby.

I wouldn’t expect it, at least not for a long while.

KR only did them once, it was done manually, and it was strictly a character transfer. Nothing from your roster on the original server transferred with it. On top of a spelling mistake, I went to check that to be sure and was thankfully misinformed.

…Though the images could be a lot clearer. Details of the transfer.

that makes me sad

oh can you do that in party finder or something? I thought you meant matchmaking sorry

You can

still seems a bit crap imo every other mmo I’ve played they transferred me no problem, hope they do allow this in the future.

This is from an old old thread, pretty much it is not stable even on KR Servers. So there is no ETA on when and if it is coming to NA.

Ah okay thank you for this.