Server transfers from French server

hi got stuck on a French server had no indication it was French, is there anyway to transfer servers i’m half way through the campaign already.

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Do you mean a French dominated server? Cause there’s no language or country specific servers.

Server transfers are not supported, not even in Korea. You will have to restart on another server.,

Trixion ?

yeap french dominated really sucks that they didnt give us an option to join different language servers how are you supposed to know.

yes trixion

so 35 hours wasted in game

Chat should be normalized in a few weeks once people stops asking “is this a french server”. Don’t worry a lot of us (90%+) are joking when we say that. You will see french in the chat as a lot of French people simply cannot speak English but don’t worry, you won’t be ignored if you type in English.
I suppose for a lot of non english speakers it feels good to be able to use area chat during leveling and since at least half of Trixion is French…

Im not on trixion, but calavus has the same issue. lots of frecnh people and actually a lot of Germans too (well Germans seems to switch over to English pretty fast).

+80 hours and a shinny founder pack to change server due to HUGE mes-up by amazon aint gonna happen.

Joke aside this feels like WoW relase in 2005, at least they had the excuse of being noobs at the time , we are in 2022 now!

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im just going by chat its almost all French. but cant decide to start again on new server or continue on this server. also did meet a player in the same situation they said they were planning on transfers in future but i don’t know for sure

If you end up spending 100’s of hours on this game the sooner you move the less loss.
There is the issue of queues and making sure the next server doesn’t have similar problems though.

At least at “future date” you could get founder skins again on any server.

Yea calvas is the same shithole. Lots of people spamming in french making jt impossible to ask anything game related in zonechat.
Sorry but this is mere ignorance and egoism. You don’t do a random vote on a random site and decide to make a server “officially yours” shunning anyone who speaks in the european international language and not in your national one.

Amazon should put tags to some servers and migrate players to other servers for free as a one tine offer (it is possible to do, regardless if you have it promoted as a feature or not).

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yeah must be easy for na lol. are you staying on your server ?

I’m on Trixion as well and there are a fair number of English speaking people on there. Just start up a conversation in chat and they’ll join in.

My only worry is a small number of the French speaking people have been saying in chat that it is actually a French server, which could scare off new people English speaking people.

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For reference How to choose a specific language server

lol would be good to know before game launch

I’ll swap if they will offer some kind of a compensation, or if they will migrate us for free. AND ONLY if they will add tags to the servers. I don’t want to swap to a new server only to find out that some other country decided to make it it’s own as well down the line.

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That thread has been there for a week, if people didn’t even try to look what server would have move population of, I’m gonna say it’s on them.
That, after saying that servers should be language marked, by that’s a coding issue and smilegate didn’t need that in any of the other regions, so…

It’s hard to do that on servers like Calvas. Because the french people ignore those messages and keep spamming. - I’ll add a photo as an example in this post from yesterdays chat.

I don’t mind french people having their own server, but let’s make it official so others won’t spend money for nothing. Plus, during the pre, people on this server weren’t mostly french, they were mixed and the chat was normal… now it’s just a clusterf- of french spam.

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None of the other region iterations of the game have server transfers, so do not count on that ever hapening.