Server transfers from French server

Why don’t you link a screenshot of people insulting the french? Cause i see that a LOT.

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well you shouldn’t have to look on a forum to know. and that is not official so it could have changed.

It really isn’t, because most people don’t look at random threads made by players.
If Amazon would 100% agree with that, they could literally add tags to those servers based on the players decision - to make it official. Besides, some servers were added to the list after their inittial targeted servers got filled up.

Edit: You might want to check why these people insult the french. It’s because of the above reason. You don’t solve a consequence by focusing on it, you resolve the consequence by resolving the inittial problem causing it in the first place.

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If there’s no official indication, logic and survival instinct alone should tel you to do something yourself…

ok so i should know straight away at launch ok

Ah, so it’s their fault that they’re being insulted, gotcha…
Bully mentality right there.

It’s their fault for being incapable of adapting to the European standards like the rest and being egoistic asshats, taking over a server without an actual official indication about it. Yes.
People aren’t insulting the french community in general, they are insulting the few individuals, who fall in the above category. There’s a HUGE difference between the two.


You, sir, lost all my attention when you decided to insult em for not speaking a language YOU do not consider good for the server.
Have a good day.
I do wonder if you have the same opinion with the british and russians taking over zinnervale, or the spanish taking over wei…

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i think you were right the chat at the start was alot more mixed now its 90 % french

i guess i might stay but also there is the problem when you make alts you will need to move them too if transfers come

Yea let’s completely ignore the FR that spam chat asking other FR to report any english speaker and spam chat in both Trixion and Calvasus to drown english speakers. There’s already people banned because of this. It’s insane.

And I’m not saying it’s okay to insult, I’m saying it goes both ways and it’s wrong both times. What makes me sad is that it’s extending a bad stereotype that shouldn’t even exist in the first place. It’s not the french people, it’s the people that force others to use a language most don’t know in a EU server. Getting people banned is down right stupid.

And I also agree that people should be able to speak in their language, but for that to happen we need a channel for the main languages.

Apart from that, as OP said server transfers have to happen even if it’s limited time like KR region had.

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And you sir, lost all of mine when you started defending them.
English is not my main language, it’s the European language.
You don’t want people from the other 43 European countries to act as indifferent as these people do, because by doing that you would literally have chaos in zone chat.
You guys are just exploiting the decency of the people who are capable of understanding this. That’s why people get triggered and that’s why you will keep getting insulted.
Again, you solve a consequence by solving the problem. Not the other way around.

Ah yes, the “european language”.
I wonder which countries speak that one…
Again, you complain about the french “taking over” a server, when all servers are taken over by some community.
Zinnervale by british, Asta by the german, Trixion by the french, neria by the italian, wei by the spanish, etc.
But somehow, only the french are the asshats…
Grow up…
Every time i take a look at the zone chat is the english speaking people who insult them, not the other way around, it’s the english speakers the ones who start BS, but somehow it’s THEIR fault.
As i said, bully mentality.
If you’re like this all the time, i do envy the people who have yet to meet you, really.

both can be bad i can agree on that

I’ve seen both attack each other, but in 90% of cases are the english speakers the ones calling names and causing idiocy towards the french…

but the universal language in eu in english thats just facts i think thats what he meant

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Considering it’s the 2nd language for most of the European countries (most have it registered as a 2ndary language)… which we even tend to learn in school… pretty much everyone.
I complain about the french taking over the server where I play - because that’s my personal experience. I’m aware that similar things are happening on other servers, but won’t comment on it. I’ll let others do that (as they are doing above and in other posts and threads).
You are being extremely biased in regards to what is happening in the chat - but thankfully, amazon can see it as it is, so there’s no problem there at all.
By your logic, a person who gets triggered after he is being pushed in the corner in multiple ways and starts fighting back, is considered a bully.
Also, try not to put words in my mouth - I specifically pointed out that I didn’t call french people in general as asshats. You might reread what I wrote in that specific reply before saying that again.
It has close to nothing to do with people being of a specific nationality and all to do with people being egoistic and asshats.
Asking people to speak the international language is NOT the same as telling people to speak your national one. One is a request focused on the consideration of the whole universal body, the other is a request focused on consideration of a nation.
Some of these people aren’t even aware that the people saying they should chat in english in zone chat aren’t even from the UK. Some go as far to tell them that they are stupid because they only speak english, even though for the majority of us, english is just the 2ndary language.
It’s really not hard to understand this, but some of these guys, simply for the sake of trying to win the argument, disregard logic all together - that’s why they are considered egoistic and asshats. Again, for your sake, so you will understand for sure, I’m not saying that the whole nation is like that. I’m saying that those people who can’t adapt to the european standards and are stil trying to push the use of their own national language (instead of the international one) in zone chat, are.

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This has a simple solution: You landed in a server dominated by French and Spanish, you see a lot of that in the chat, cause, let’s be honest, a lot of French and Spanish people cannot speak english, and i say this as a Spaniard because i know it IS the case, you move out.

A LOT of french are unable to speak english, same as spanish, our english education is not good, at all, we’re taught a few words and we’re left to fend for ourselves in this matter, we’re not germany or sweden where english is basically a secondary language, if we wanna learn, we’re on our own. So, instead of calling people asshats, or whatefer thef**k you wanna call them, think on how the majority of the population of this countries can only say “hi” and “goodbye”, cause it’s the extent of their knowledge of that language.
French decided to group and chose a server they could all understand each other, that’s it.
the same reason italy chose theirs. Same with spain.

So yes, there’s some people that CAN speak english and will not do it cause “why would us, we’re majority here” but it’s the minority, and if you speak english or ask something in english people WILL answer in english, community interest messages, such as traveling merchants, are said in english for everyone to see, same as WBs.

You can complain all you want about people speaking their language, but after you’ve seen what’s going on, you stood here, complained, and disrespected people that, in their majority, do not speak a lick of “international language” that’s on you, specially after the communication that our founders pack is given again in a new server if we decide to move.

it was mixed at the start then it settled to only french in chat now. i would have no idea at start


I’m from calvas. It’s not really dominated by them, but some of them do speak a hell’a’lot in zone chat (as indicated from the above screenshot) - to the point where the chat is being overflooded. Any kind of attempt of talking in english gets flooded away. I didn’t land in a server dominated by French people. I landed in a server that was very well balanced in pre. The French made it theirs once Trix got overflown. I won’t “move out” and let a 100€ of features in here, because someone else decided to be ignorant.
And yes, it’s ignorance. When those french people react some say “we know how to speak, but we won’t” those are the replies that you can see in chat several times throughout the day. At the same time, you see french people trying to reply with broken english - but it’s still very well understood with no actual issue. You also have several french people saying that they are french and that they don’t agree with how these guys are acting. That’s why I specifically pointed out before, that I’m not calling the whole nation as such, but rather those who don’t want to adapt to the european standards.
I was in their shooes once as well. Sucked at school when it came to english - but I decided to go with the flow and adapt as anyone who is considerant enough would do - especially nowadays with all the mixing of nations. Saying “our education is not good” is an excuse. If you think that’s bad, you should see how things are in our shitty country, Slovenia.

The least anyone can learn when it comes to english is “FR looking for a FR guild” or “FR looking for fr chat channel” (which is possible to make in the above left corner). Or, if that’s too much, it’s even fine to write that in their own language. If they would limit their chatting in the zone chat (where the whole european body is chatting), things wouldn’t get overflown, instead they are using that chat for their national talk, which is NOT the same and is NOT okay, no matter your excuse.

My suggestion to this, as I already pointed it up above was the introduction of more servers (to deal with the queues) and making some (even if the old ones) nation specific. After that, amazon should offer anyone a free server migration. This way everyone would stay happy.
The whole debate started where you tried to insult others by saying that they didn’t act on their instict and logic before joining a server (which, again, at least in my case, that was not the case, as the server was voted being french only AFTER I started playing on it).