Server transfers in Europe

Hello, i wanted to ask, are there any future plans for server transfers?

As far as i know, LA was released in Japan, Korea and Russia right? All these regions use 1 language. Now when it comes to Europe, there is bunch of countries with players with language barriers and the comunity will be split accross servers. Recruiting for example PvP minded people for GvG activities that speaks your language and are also on your server is gonna be nightmare.
As i can tell from experience from GW2, where server transfers are available, but for real money (or significant in-game currency), it is obstacle even there, as people are not willing to pay the price sometimes. I cant imagine, how hard will it be to get new players, when they will basically have to start all over from scratch.
To be clear, i would be fine, if server transfers were in-game shop item (for real money), but it would be great to have this option, as it is much bigger deal in Europe


Right now, server transfers are not a feature in the game


is there a reason why you guys said thta a vpn would be against the ToS of AGS and Steam? cos its not against the ToS of steam, and steam has said multiple times that nobody will get banned for using a vpn, as long as they arent abusing regional pricing, and the AGS ToS says nothing about a vpn. As you dont offer an OCE server the majority of players from OCE will be using tunnel services to get a better ping to get the game at least somewhat playable. and you want to ban people for doing something that you force them to do with not releasing OCE servers? i thought Amazon would be about fairness but it really doesnt look like it.

It is against ToS of Steam since Steam evolved from Counter Strike DRM to fully functional digital Store. Better read ToS again. VPN is not bannable on Steam only when it’s used purely for privacy or ping control. Everything else is treated as breaching regional restrictions, especially accessing store pages and clients of games not released in certain region, doesn’t matter if F2P or paid ones.

AGS ToS in fact mentions VPN too.

2.5 Restrictions. You may use the Games only as permitted by this Agreement and applicable law. You may not, and you will not assist or authorize any other person to: (i) reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble, or otherwise tamper with, the Game Clients and associated Game Content; (ii) sell, rent, lease, lend, loan, distribute, transfer, or sublicense the Games, or act as a host or matchmaking service for the Games without our consent, or otherwise facilitate any unauthorized connection that emulates portions of the Games; (iii) copy, modify, alter, or otherwise create derivative works of the Games (except as expressly permitted by us in an applicable policy posted on our websites); or (iv) interfere with or circumvent any feature of the Games, access or use the Games in a way intended to avoid fees or restrictions, or otherwise exploit the Games (including by intercepting, collecting, scraping, mining, or reading data from the Games, or using applications or services such as hacks, bots, cheats, scripts, or mods that are not expressly permitted by us in an applicable policy posted on our websites).

5.2 Geographic Restrictions. Due to technical and other restrictions, the Games may be available only in certain locations. We may use technologies to verify your geographic location and restrict access to the Games from other locations. You may not use any technology or technique to obscure or disguise your location.

when you use exitlag from OCE you arent doing any of those things. so vpns should be ok.

Yes, you are. You’re breaching game restrictions and you’re faking your geographical location. That is against ToS.

Is it on the roadmap? Without server transfer, we will have very skewed server population.
I redeemed my founders pack on Zinnervale and I feel like I won’t be able to play the game.
Amazon support says there are no refunds and nothing they can do. Not even add the founders pack to my account again, so I can play on a different server.

This will cause many frustrations and people will be more likely to just quit the game.

its almost certain server transfers will come at some point since its a feature in all the other regions. but yeah, thex should come rather sooner than later, along with language tags for the server.

Just from this start I see quite a few issues with not having Server Transfers in EU

  1. with packs being locked to our “first created character” many whom realize their friends are on another server will want to move, and some would rather quit entirely than waste the pack’s value they’d lose on a new character.

  2. With the multitude of languages, and an extremely common occurence in games that some servers naturally becomes concentrated on 1 or 1-3 languages, many people would move around and having to recreate ones character AND lose any bought items or packs would then be lost, that’s unacceptable to most, even me personally.

  3. With the absurd queues there is on the servers right now (and yes I do consider that this is not even launch day, it’s early launch) servers that are massive populated will just have people sticking there to not lose what they have already gained, and no one would want to ever move away because of the loss, this causes the server to stay overcrowded and the end result is that it could have its population increased endlessly, and at one point make it pointless to have multiple servers.

With server transfers I believe all of these major issues would be resolved, these issues will stretch on beyond launch in the EU that I am not in doubt of at all, they might potentially get worse.

If Server transfers would be comming due to these things happening, an Official message being sent out would probably calm a lot of people, but it’d have to include an “expected or actual date” for arrival of the feature.

And I personally have come into a similar situation as “Enrico” has.

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They did give you an official message, which is there are no server transfers. I want to play on EU, but because they refused to put language tags next to servers, and knowing how adamant some people are about their native language (even if they speak fluent English), I decided not to purchase the Founders Pack.

Everyone knows the Founders Pack, once opened, are bound to the server. Everyone knows there are no server transfers. Everyone knows that there are no language tags and everyone in Europe knows how toxic it can be when a majority speak another language and you try to speak English.

This was 100% avoidable with simple language tags. They were told this and decided against it.


Exactly. That is why I expect them to step up.
No Transfers? Alright.
Packs can’t be refunded? Okay.
No language tags? Weird choice but alright.

The problem arises out the combination that formed; They can’t scale up the single servers which the majority appear to prefer because they don’t want to play with internationally illiterate people.
They don’t allow people to transfer so that they could (kind of against their wish but just to improve the situation) choose a new server.
They don’t allow people to take back their packs so that they could choose a new server.

So people are effectively locked into a server.

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so people cannot move away from the first full server???

People cannot move away from a server once they redeem their chest basically, yes.
You can of course start on a different server but with new characters, new roster and none of the things that you paid money for.
To be fair, they did state beforehand that transfers are not possible but that was before anyone knew what a clownfest the servers would be and that there would be queues like these.

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I was wondering about this a bit, I looked through their “Official Messages” on Steam.
“No Server Transfers” aren’t mentioned at all.

Where was that official message made? O__o

solution could be an account refund if we delete all characters from the server?

Lulz, okay, i’m going to be nice and “assume” you aren’t trolling. Please use the Dev Tracker system above this forum and you’ll see post, after post, after post about no server transfers. It’s everywhere.

I would like that but I doubt they’ll do it.
Also, doing that sooner rather than later would be great :smiley:

Pretty sure they mean somewhere on the official website, not hidden in a category in a forum.

It should be added to FAQ | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

You have high standards for AGS.

Me? No I’m just enjoying my popcorn. I own New World so I understand that a lot of the pleas on here are just going into the void lol.

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