Server transfers in Europe

I see, I usually don’t have to go to forums to find important information like this.
And I don’t believe that it should be nessecary either.
Such kind of information should be in Official messages on the game in the stores where it is.
In my case that’d be Steam.

And I didn’t see it on their website either.
Thanks for the Info though! :slight_smile:

He said future plans. I feel like not having official language servers AND not having server transfers is a horrible move considering how many languages there are in EU.

Yeah, I’ve been trying to explain that to the community reps. They live on the forums, so they sort of think everyone sees it. You know the old saying, when you’re a hammer all the problems look like a nail.

we need server transfer

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lol no its not. in fact it has 24 official languages. if you dont believe me, look it up. its actually a huge deal here that english is NOT the official language and ppl from all nations are treated equally.

would be nice to add it in game, just a nice feature to have in any game honestly.

Okay, you are correct. Just looked it up :stuck_out_tongue: my bad.

Will be there any possibility to become that available in the close future? I personaly think that if you guys make that available , that will solve a lot of problems , wouldn’t care if would be free or not , for me atleast will solve any problem.

I just want to bump and say that this is critical for EU’s experience of the game now in it’s early months. Just an official statement that sais server transfers will come in the foreseeable future is enough, just to calm people down. Not thinking that - ending up on a comfortable server, either with friends, guild or language is not going to be a game killer here is just smh…

Agree they should also say they are coming out with a global chat option for language.