Server Transfers Soon Please

Hello AGS,

   I wanted to inquire/urge the subject of actual server transfers. I am not talking about the “here is a new founders pack to restart.” Restart being the keyword here, this far into the game, money spent in mari’s shop, hours put into exploring, rapport, Makoko seeds, ships unlocked as well as dailies. Just too much to lose to move and recreate anew. 

  Reason for transfer, just like my case, people you planned to play with, friends and/guild, dissipated, no one left etc. this leads to an extremely boring and empty feeling, which drastically increases the possibility to leave the game, thus taking away one more potentially paying player(customer). 

 Giving the ability to transfer to another server just means the player(customer) would spend more money to continue playing, or at least increases the likelihood they stay for X amount of time longer. 

I’m going to stick it out as long as I can, because I know server transfer are 100% possible. I am one of those paying customers because I truly love this game, and want to enjoy all aspects of it. However, I am now a solo player, which is not the best way to enjoy an MMORPG. Furthermore, I’d be more than happy to pay to transfer to a server I know I have some dedicated friends at.

 This may come off as a plea, which it is. However, I highly doubt I’m alone in this conundrum.