Server Transfers Waiting Room

Please, server transfers. That’s it.

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Doubt it’s going to happen as it is not in another other version of the game. Not to say it couldn’t, but I don’t think it’s high on their priority list.

It should be #1 as it’s the solution to most of their problems right now :laughing:

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it is a great tool i hope they consider it soon t_t

Stop posting these useless threads, theres currently no server transfers in KR, it will only exist if KR ever gets it, do some research instead of opening another “uh give me my transfer” thread

Nothing was achieved without trying. Don’t be a sad and negative person.

there is server transfer in kr

its up to u do read the post or ignore it… my advice is just ignore it

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I think we deserve a server transfer since many of us started playing on the 3 days early with the Founder’s Pack but then they blocked the most populated servers before the full release so now me and my friends (who didn’t purchase the Founder’s Pack) can’t play together. I didn’t want to start over on a new server because I’d been playing a lot for the first 3 days, I didn’t want that time to be lost. So I think we deserve, at the very least, a one time server transfer.

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No, not till they either properly incentivise rerolling or breakout some sweet cash money to get the feature made