Server UC & expectations

Hi all,

A group of us are planning to join on launch and currently discussing server choice, primarily based on english and considering PVP (So primarily leaning towards Kadan) however as I’ve read that PVP / Raids appears to be cross-server. What are the expectations of how much a servers user count will impact gameplay?
if Kadan for example has the highest user count of all servers, will there be any potential downsides compared to playing a lower UC server?

Do you like waiting a few hours in queue ?

I presume you mean queues to join the server on login? Is there anything that suggests there will be issues in this area?

Kadan seems to be quite a popular server choice since a lot of streamers are planning on going there.

Zinnervale might be a good second choice.

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hardly, that gets overpopulated even more very soon. Everyone who is not fond of streamers and pvp picks Zinner. But it’s already too many.

@OP: if you work as guild and are only about PvP arenas and PvE raids then it doesn’t matter whichever you choose. Low pop means less problems with login and overall strugle for resources.

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History…basically every AAA MMO release has login queues for the first couple of weeks.